5+ Best Forum WordPress Plugins 2020

Hello Friends, In this blog post I am going to discuss a few amazing WordPress forum plugins. A forum is a place where several peoples can discuss their problems, they can ask their questions and find the answers to that.

A forum can be made on any topic and the users who like to join this topic can register for this forum and can discuss the problems with other forum members. However, some experts also generally remain in the forum for helping the users in solving their problems.

best wordpress forum plugins
best wordpress forum plugins

Here in this blog post, we are going to discuss DW Question & Answer Pro, Sabai Discuss plugin, Simple Forum, Discussion Board Pro, WP symposium Pro-Social Network, Website Toolbox WordPress Forum plugins. We will discuss the price and features of these extensive plugins.

We have brought you some amazing and useful list of WordPress forum plugins which are given below. You can try all of them one by one and can find out the best suitable plugin for your WordPress websites.

1. DW Question & Answer Pro – WordPress Forum Plugin

Approximately 10000+ websites are using this amazing DW Question & Answer pro-Forum WordPress plugin across the globe. Special and advanced customer support is a great advantage while using this plugin.

This DW Question and Answer Pro WordPress plugin helps you to set a decent forum in your WordPress websites using website template. Forum is just work like as open battle for questions and answers. It is a good solution for the curious peoples to raise the questions and also to provide the answers for the appropriate and interesting topic.

Lots of additional options are included in these plugins like search, filter, and voting features, these options are the great help in finding the questions and answers and also highlighting the most liked or disliked answers according to the users or customers responses.

DW question and answer wordpress forum plugin
DW question and answer wordpress forum plugin


At the cost $39 you can use this amazing DW Question & Answer Pro Forum WordPress plugin.


You can use captcha using reCAPTCHA by google.

You can receive proper email notification for selective events on your forum.

You can see the view count on your forum for all or specfific forum topic.

You can allow users to vote for a answer in the forum.

This DW Question and Answer Pro WordPress forum supports 15+ languages.

You can raise any question matching to the topic to this forum.

You will get a question listing page.

Get More Details About DW Q & A Here

2. Sabai Discuss Plugin For WordPress

Sabai discusses is yet another powerful and amazing WordPress forum plugin which is suitable to almost all the WordPress themes. Each member in the discussion forum is provided with the profile page where they can see the questions and answers.users can also raise the questions and can provide the answers. Users are allowed to cast the voting over comments, responses, and queries.

sabai discuss wordpress forum plugin
sabai discuss wordpress forum plugin


The base cost of the Sabai Discuss Forum WordPress plugin is $29, later prices may differ as per the license opted by the user.


You are free to traslate into other stuff.

Supports for CSV importer/Exporter.

Provide visual form editor with the custom field.

Provide user reputation system.

Tag question with auto suggest.

This Sabai Discuss WordPress forum comes with full responsive and flat design.

Get More Details About Sabai Discuss Plugin Here

3. Simple Forum – Responsive Bulletin Board

As its name indicates, it is a really simple and effective WordPress Simple Forum. This Simple Forum plugin allows you to set the professional view for your forum which can include social login with some privacy setup. This plugin also provides Markdown and BBcode editors.

You can set and customize your forum view with the help of 8 customizable styles and can give a user-friendly outlook. You can easily collect the forum stats like total topics, responses, and forum members registered.

simple forum wordpress forum plugin
simple forum wordpress forum plugin


You can enjoy the service of this simple Forum WordPress plugin at the cost of $22.


Get prooper notification for every responses in the forum.

Get facility of User & Badges.

Get custom thread fields.

Pages and categories can be build easily using this simple forum plugin.

Facility of sending the private message.

Provide the facility fo social login like login with facebook, google and 8 other.

Get More Details About Simple Forum Plugin Here

4. Discussion Board Pro – WordPress Forum Plugin

IF you are looking for an outstanding one-click installation WordPress forum plugin then this Discussion board pro is the best suitable option for them.

You can beautifully organize your forum structure topic wise as you can create sub-forum inside a forum as per the topic. And using the ultimate WordPress forum plugin users can follow or subscribe to any specific forum topic board and can get the proper email notification for that.

discussion board pro wordpress forum plugin
discussion board pro wordpress forum plugin


You can access this Discussion Board Pro WordPress forum plugin just at the cost of $29.


This Discussion board pro WordPress forum plugin provide you categories and tags.

Provide the facilities of media and uploads.

WYSIWYG editing can done using this fourm plugin.

This plugin provides the facility for admin approval for new registrations.

Boards provides different access permissions for the forum users.

Get multiple boards for multiple forum and topics.

Get More Details About Discussion Board Pro Here

5. WP Symposium Pro-Social Network plugin

This is really very safe to use this amazing WP symposium Pro-Social Network plugin as you can easily get a refund if you don’t liked this plugin. This beautiful plugin supports all the WordPress sites, specifically dating sites, schools, clubs, gaming sites & much more.

This WP symposium Pro-social network plugin supports almost 1000+ websites throughout. You can make your forum more attractive and stylish using this powerful WordPress forum plugin.

wp symposium social network wordpress forum plugin
wp symposium social network wordpress forum plugin


You can access this amazing WordPress WP symposium Pro-social network plugin at the cost of $29.


Using this WP symposium Pro-social network WordPress plugin members can add the personalized forum signature by editing the profile.

Provide fine tune access and permission for forums.

User can add a forum search.

For forum replied user can set the custom fields.

User can set the custom fields for new forum posts.

This plugins provide the facility for image and document attachments.

Get More Details About WP symposium Social-Network Pro Here

6. Website Toolbox WordPress Plugin

This Website Toolbox WordPress plugin is yet another amazing and powerful forum plugin which comes with inbuilt SEO functionality and helps you to increase your traffic with the forum discussion facility. User’s have facility to share their outlooks instantly using this plugin.

website toolbox wordpress forum plugin
website toolbox wordpress forum plugin

Provides chat room with fast conversation facility amongst various like-minded users and allows them to discuss their questions and answers. Get full security for your data as this Website tolbox forum WordPress plugin provides the automatic data backup facility. It is really simple to manage the registration process and later on approvals by admin using this forum plugin.


You can enjoy the facility of this amazing Website Toolbox forum WordPress plugin at the cost of $25.


Provide the Like options for the post.

You can easily share photo, files and videos using this amazing website toolbox forum.

You can get a chat room for fast conversation.

You can send instant message.

You can do Facebook integration easily.

You can make money through ads or subscription fees.

Get More Details About Website Toolbox Here


So we have seen 5+ amazing WordPress forum plugins here in this blog post. We have discussed about DW Question & Answer Pro, Sabai Discuss plugin, Simple Forum, Discussion Board Pro, WP symposium Pro-Social Network, Website Toolbox WordPress forum plugins price and features. Forum is the best place to discuss the problem related to specific topic. Users can easily find out the solution to their problems.

In the case of any queries, you can write to us at a5theorys@gmail.com we will get back to you ASAP.

Hope! you would have enjoyed this post about ‘5+ Best Forum WordPress Plugins 2020’.

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