About Us

about us @a5theory

Our Approach

Our philosophy is to live our life freely along with your work.

Our earnings will never be worth if we feel exhausted at the end of our job and not capable of balancing your social and professional life.

So we should always try to make a job or business which you can enjoy truly.

Our job should not be place dependent, it should be in such manner that where ever you go you could still do your jobs

Always try to make your job according to your life but not life according to your job because by doing this you can miss many joyful moments in your life.

Our Story

Like every business has its own story, we have too to share with you.

After completing the graduation and post graduation I had been doing a job in 3 MNC company one after one.

The life was smooth at starting as I was equally excited about working in the corporate culture.

But as the time passed and I start realizing that this was not my dream and at the same point of time I was also losing the joy of my life because of the hectic job, however, this is my personal opinion.

So finally I am pursuing my dream and quit my 10 to 6 job in order to start my new journey.

So for starting a new business, I wanted to something of my choice and also matching to my strength.

As I was from a technical background and also had company experiences with me so I decided to launch a website where I can share all my knowledge with you and also have the desire to learn from you back.

I have a very strong belief system and have full dedication and hard work towards my work. With this believe I could convince my family for quitting my job and could start my new business.

you would only have a fear of doing any job until you actually start it.

So convert your thought to a theory and then surely you will create an invention one day.