Amazon Sandbox: How to Increase Email Sending Limit? / How do I get out of Amazon SES sandbox? / What is Amazon sandbox?

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In this post, I am going to discuss Amazon SES sending limit increase of emails. This is also known as Amazon Sandbox Limit which is set to default at the beginning And we have to perform a small and simple process for amazon SES to remove the sandbox only once.

If you choose AWS SES or SMTP for sending your emails then you need to create a case for requesting the sending limit for your email campaign or to come out of amazon sandbox mode or exit from a default AWS SES sandbox.

Why Do we need to request for sending limit to come out of amazon sandbox mode? does AWS SES does not provide the link with the account creation or after email verification….? / How do I increase my Amazon SES limit?

Actually, when we create a fresh AWS SES account then we are kept at amazon sandbox mode at starting for some security and verification purposes.

In sandbox mode, we can only send 200emails/day and these emails can only be delivered to the SES verified email addresses.

So for sending the message in bulk, we need to create a request for increasing our email sending limit in the specified direction.

So do we need to create this request, again and again, to come out of sandbox mode?

No, this is a one-time process, once your sending limit is increased then it will automatically increase as per your use, you will not have to be bothered for limit then. Mean to say that once you are out of Amazon Sandbox mode then you don’t have to take care of your Amazon SES sending limit as it is automatically updated as per your use.

What is this Amazon Sandbox mode…?/ What is Amazon sandbox?

Amazon Sandbox mode is a basic account setup with a primary privilege of 200emails/day to the specified AWS verified Email id.

Please visit the extensive link below with a detailed description of the sandbox mode.

How can we come out from this Amazon sandbox mode and can send our email campaign for a regular basis…..?/ How do I get out of Amazon SES sandbox?

It is a very simple process to come out of amazon sandbox mode, you just create a case and then AWS will approve your request within 24 hours even quicker.

Please follow the step by step procedure for increasing your Email sending limit.

1. log in to your AWS console. See the image below.


2.  Click at SES. See the image below.


3.  Click on the Email address and check-in which direction you have verified your email address.

As in this case, the email is verified in the Oregon direction as shown in the image below. This step is just aware of the direction. then click the Sending statistics.


4.   Click the button request a sending limit increase’ as shown in the below image.

Here you can see the direction is Oregon which as the same to the direction where we have verified our email address as shown in the image above. So everything is going right here.


5.  Here, you just need to click on create a case, once you click this you will get a form to fill.

Which will ask you to fill a few fields as given below?

Regarding:  Just select ‘Service Limit Increase’

Limit Type: Just fill ‘SES Sending Limit’


6.  Keep continuing to fill form…..See the Field description below.


Region- US West(Oregon) – select the same region where you want to increase your spending limit and this region should also match with the region where you have verified your email id.

Limit-  Select ‘Desired Daily sending Quota’

New Limit Value- you can fill the sending limit as per your requirements, usually, AWS provides 50000 email/day then they gradually increase it automatically as per your use.

Mail Type: Select ‘Transactional Emails’

Website URL:  Fill your website URL though this field is not compulsory you can leave it or fill it later.


7. Continue from up…..see the field description below.

My email sending compiles with the AWS Service Terms and AUP:     YES

I only send to recipients who have specifically requested my emails:     YES

I have a process to handle bounce and complaints:      YES


8. Keep continuing to fill the form……See the field description below.

Use Case Description:

Here just provide a brief description of your business, Regarding what work you need to send the emails.

Also, mention that you have an authentic subscribers list who have requested to requested the emails from your end.

If you have a website for your business then it is well and good to mention.

Support Language: “ENGLISH”

Contact Method: Check this option WEB.


Once you are done with filling all the details then click on the submit button.

your request has been sent to AWS, After inspecting your request they increase your limit within 24 hours.

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In this blog post, you have learned about very important features for those who are using Amazon SES for sending the emails or thinking to use this amazing email sending service. Most of the users stuck at this point while they have to increase their email sending limit at Amazon SES or come out of sandbox mode. Once the limit is increased then it is automatically kept on increasing further as per your requirement.

So within this blog, we have learned What is Amazon sandbox?…. How do I get out of the Amazon SES sandbox?. This blog would be a great help to all the peoples who finds the difficulty in Amazon SES remove sandbox to increase their email sending limit from a default value.

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