ICMP – Internet Control Message Protocol

Hello Friends, In this blog post I am going to let you know about ICMP protocols, message types that are associated with ICMP and various functions associated with the ICMP protocol.

Internet control message protocol has various types of message, which are as follows –

  • Destination unreachable message
  • Time exceeded message
  • Parameter problem message
  • Source quench message
  • Redirect Message
  • Echo and echo reply message
  • Time Stamp and timestamp reply message
  • Address mask request and address mask reply message.

ICMP provides a means for transferring a message from routers and other hosts to a host. ICMP provides feedback about problems in the communication environment.

Examples of its use are when a datagram cannot reach its destination, when the router does not have the buffering capacity to forward a datagram, and when the router can direct the station to send traffic on a shorter route.

An ICMP message is sent in response to a datagram, either by a router along the datagram’s path or by the intended destination host.

An ICMP message is constructed and then passed down to IP, which encapsulates the message with an IP header and then transmits the resulting datagram in the usual fashion. Because ICMP messages are transmitted in IP datagrams, their delivery is not guaranteed and their use can not be considered reliable.

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What Is The Internet And Its Applications?

Hello Friends, In this blog post I am going to let you know about the most usable thing in today’s time that is called the Internet. The Internet is the medium to make communication from one person to another person, from one place to another place. The communication can be made both ways wired or wireless depending on the requirement of the system.

The Internet is a worldwide computer network which is made up of thousands of networks that enables communications among 10s of millions of computers.

From the point of view of internetworking, it is amazing that no one is in overall charge of the internet. Although many standard firms have developed technical aspects of this network, no governing body has global control. The Internet backbone is owned by several companies that are located in all corners of the world.

Actually, the Internet is a network medium and not a service. this means that the internet is an information highway that enables software applications to run over it. The Internet can be accessed by entities ranging from big firms (e.g., corporations, universities, government, and research institutes) to home users.

Normally large firms access the internet through a router that interconnects their internal LAN with the leased high capacity transmission line. Through a dial-up modem which connects to an internet service provider(ISP) through standard local telephone lines.

Small businesses and home users access the internet. Then ISP provides the interconnection to the internet through high-capacity transmission lines which it owns or leases.

Many networks that make up the internet itself are run by network service providers(NSPs). NSP buys or leases transmission facilities consisting of wireless links, satellite links, copper wires, optical fiber cables such as cable plant operators, telecommunication companies and wireless communications which own transmission facilities.

High-speed internet access is offered by NSPs by selling bandwidth and network connectivity to ISPs. Commonly, NSPs are known as backbone providers because they offer direct access to the internet backbone and the network access point(NAPs).

An example of the internetwork path is shown in fig1, in which a message might follow in a user to user message exchange. It is assumed that the sender is located in a small business.


Hence, at the end, the user connection is done through a modem to a local ISP via standard telephone lines. A network service provider through a leased wire or wireless lines is connected by ISP from local telephone companies.

The message is inserted by the NSP onto the internet, where it may traverse many links or routers before reaching another NSP at the receiving end.

When the message recipient is situated in a large organization, the message will travel from the NSP to an external router and then goes through the LAN of the organization to the recipient.

Application of internet:

Some of the applications of the internet are –

Email – Email(Electronic mail) allows users to send and receive messages and data through the internet.

FTP – FTP(File transfer protocol) is a protocol (or set of rules) that enables files to transfer from one computer to another. The files available for FTP are stored on FTP servers. FTP client is an interface, allows users to locate files to be transferred and initiate and transfer process.

WWW – WWW(World wide web) is a system based on hypertext or HTTP, to provide, organize, and access a wide variety of resources that are available on the internet.

Telnet – It is protocol, enables one computer to establish a connection to another computer. The computer establishing a connection is referred to as local computer, the computer accepting connection is referred to as a remote or host computer.

Mailing list – it enables groups of peoples to conduct group conversations by email and provides a way of distributing newsletters by email.

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Internet vs Extranet

Hello Friends, In this blog post I am going to let you know about the difference between the internet and the intranet. Both are known as the communication network used to make communication amongst devices.

Internet is a public domain or network that can be accessed by anyone over the browser, whereas intranet is considered as a private network or a specific private area where the communication is limited to the specific domain within a limited number of peoples present in the private area.

A comparison between the internet and intranet can be understood under the following points below.

Internet is a single large, loosely coupled network from several different local, metropolitan and wide area networks. Whereas, an intranet is private data communication networks used by many companies to exchange information among employees and resources.

Due to the large area network of the internet, it can not be provided much secure communication among users. In contrast, an intranet provides security functionality using a firewall by filtering incoming and outgoing traffic.

We can distinguish the internet as a network medium, where thousands of computers incorporated for communication purposes. In contrast, an intranet can be distinguished as a service that enables a particular organization to access the data.

Internet is a very complex structure of networking, In contrast, an intranet is not as complex as the internet.

The Internet can be understood as a backbone provider for all kinds of network services. Whereas the internet can be understood as a network service provider for a particular organization.

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What is Intranet and extranet in a computer network 2020?

Hello Friends, In this blog post I am going to let you know about the intranet and extranet in a computer network. These both are communicating with their different architecture and are used to establish communication between two devices.

An intranet is a private network or data communication network used by many companies to exchange information among employees and resources. Intranet normally is used for security reasons or to satisfy specific connectivity requirements.

The company intranet is generally connected to the public internet through a firewall, which converts the intranet addressing system to the public internet addressing system and provides security functionality by filtering incoming and outgoing traffic based on addressing and protocols.

An intranet is a private network(usually a LAN, but may be larger) that uses TCP/IP and other internet standard protocols. Because it uses TCP/IP, the standard internet communications protocols, an intranet can support TCP /IP based protocols, such as HTTP(the protocol that web browser used to talk to the webserver) and SMTP and POP( the protocol that email client program use to send and receive email).

In other word, an intranet can run a web server, web client, mail server, and mail client – it can work like a small, private internet. As the web has become the most talked-about internet service, an intranet is also known as the internal web, because they allow an organization to have its own private website for use only by users on the internet.

However, like the internet, most intranet also carry lots of email traffic – all those paper memos that used to float around large organizations have largely been replaced by email message.

An intranet can run on a network larger than a LAN, such as a wide area network(WANs), the networks that large organizations use to connect geographically separate locations. An intranet can be three networked computers, a LAN or two hundred computers in a building, or six large LANs interconnected as a WAN.

Extranet also comes in the category of a private network but the access may be given for some people or organizations in a very controlled environment.

You can also create an Extranet, an intranet that allows people to connect into the network over the internet. For example, if your organizations send salespeople out into the field, they could connect to the internet, and then use extranet features to connect to your organization’s intranet.

Internet is considered as a public domain where anyone can access the internet or make communication or action over the internet. An intranet is a specific protected area where a particular company or organization’s peoples can make communication over Intranet with the help of the internet.

Extranet could be considered as a private domain where some access is given to the outsiders(Vendors, salesperson). where they can use the internet as well as extranet with the use of given login credentials.

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ATM vs Frame Relay

Hello Friends, in this blog post, I am going to let you know about the comparison between ATM and Frame Relay.

ATM vs Frame Relay
ATM vs Frame Relay

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Telecommunication Network & Corporate Network

Hello Friends, In this blog post I am going to let you know about the telecommunication network and corporate network in a computer network. Data networks form the major class of telecommunication networks.

Telecommunication Network:

They are of recent origin and have emerged as a result of coming together of computer and communication technologies. These networks enable the sharing of hardware, software and data resources of computer systems.

As a result, they have come to be known as computer networks. Early networks interconnected computer system of the same family. The network project, ARPANET, supported by the advanced research project agency of the department of defense, United States, is one of the pioneering efforts in the interconnecting heterogeneous system.

In some sense, the ARPANET demonstrated the feasibility of data/computer networks. TYMNET is another large scale, general-purpose data network introduced in 1970, interconnecting geographically distributed computer systems, users, and peripherals.

The development in ARPANET and TYMNET, leading computer vendors announced architectures for interconnecting their own computer system. These include IBM’s system network architecture(DNA).

By 1980, the enormous value of computer communication networks became obvious, particularly among research communities and special interest user groups. The developers of the UNIX operating system wrote a program called UUCP(Unix-to-Unix-copy) for exchanging files and electronic mail among Unix machines. Two networks UUNET(Unix User Network) and USENET have based on the UUCP communication program.

The file transfer and electronic mail, USENET supports a service called netnews. which essentially provides a bulletin board on which any user may post a notice or news item to be seen by all other users of the network.

In the academic circle, the computer science community in the setup of the united state a network with the help of the national science foundation to serve all the computer science departments of the U.S Universities.

This network, known as CSNET, uses the transmission facilities of other networks. but provides a uniform user-level interface. Another academic network started by the city of the University of New York and Yale University, known as BITNET (Because its time network) aims to serve all the departments of the universities.

BITNET has now spread to a large number of sites and spans North America, Europe, Japan, and Australia. In Europe, it is called a European academic research network(EARN). In the united kingdom, there is a separate network known as the joint academic network(JANET) covering most of the universities and research laboratories.

Corporate Network:

Within the corporate network, for setting up and operating data networks and that there is a need for worldwide standards to enable data networks to interwork.

Apart from CCITT, a significant contribution to data network standards has come from the international standards organization(ISO) which is a voluntary, nontreaty organization. National standards organizations, like American national standards Institute(ANSI), BRITISH standard institution (BSI), Association Francaise denormalization (AFNOR) Deutsches institute for normalische(DIN) and Bureau of Indian standards(BIS) are members of ISO.


The institute of electrical and electronic engineering(IEEE), the largest professional organization in the world also plays a major role in evolving data network standards. Fig1 above shows the organizational structure of the different agencies (Corporate network) involved in the coordination of telecommunication network activities.

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What are the various Network Topologies?

Hello Friends, In this blog post I am going to let you know about the various network topologies, which is also known as computer network topology.

The term topology refers to the way a network is laid out. either physically or logically. The connection of two or more devices forms a link and two or more links form a topology. Basically, there are five network topologies that are explained below one by one.

Network Topology: Mesh

In a mesh topology, every device has a dedicated point to point link to every other device. A fully connected mesh network has n(n-1)/2 physical channels to link n devices. To accommodate that links, every device on the network must have (n-1) input/output ports.


Mesh Network Topology has several advantages which are explained below:

The use of dedicated links guarantees that each connection can carry its own data load, thus eliminating the traffic problems that can occur when links must be shared by multiple devices.

It is robust. If one link damages, it does not incapacitate the entire system.

It enforces privacy or security. When every add sent message travels along a dedicated line, only the intended recipient sees it. Physical boundaries prevent other users from gaining access to a message.

The point to point links makes fault identification and fault isolation easy. Traffic can be routed to avoid links with suspected problems. This facility enables the network manager to discover the precise location of the fault and helps in finding its cause and solution.

The main disadvantage of mesh is the amount of cabling and I/O ports required.

Network Topology: Star

In star topology, each device has a dedicated point to point link only to a central controller called the hub. The devices are not directly linked to each other, but the controller acts as an exchange.

If one device wants to send data to another, it sends the data first to the hub which then relays it to the other device connected to it.


The advantage of star topology is –

Each device needs only one link and one I/O port to connect it to any number of others. This makes it easy to install and reconfigure.

Less cabling is required.

Easy to add, delete, or move devices as it involves only one connection between a device and hub.

Robustness; implies that if one link fails, only that link is affected other links remain active.

However, it requires more cabling than the tree, ring, or bus topology.

Network Topology: Tree

A tree topology is a variation of a star. Nodes in the tree are linked to the central hub as is done in star but every device is not directly plugged into a central hub. The majority of devices connected to a secondary hub that in turn is connected to the central hub.

The central hub in the tree is an active hub that contains a repeater to strengthen the transmission and to increase the distance a signal can travel.
The secondary hubs may be active or passive hubs. A passive hub provides a simple connection between the attached devices.


The advantage and disadvantages of the tree topology are generally the same as those of star. However, the addition of secondary hubs adds two more advantages:

It allows more devices to be attached to a single central hub and can increase the distance a signal can travel between devices.

It allows the network to isolate and prioritize communications from different computers.

An example of a tree topology is cable TV technology.

Network Topology: Bus

A bus topology describes a multipoint configuration. Once long cable acts as a backbone to link all the devices in the network. Node is connected to the bus cable by drop lines and taps. As a signal travels along the back-bone, some of its energy is transformed into heat.


Therefore, it becomes weaker the farther it has to travel. For this reason, there is a limit on the number of taps a bus can support and on the distance between those taps.

The advantage of bus topology is ease of installation. Backbone cable can be laid along the most efficient path, then connected to the nodes by drop lines of various lengths. Also, the bus uses less cabling than mesh, star or tree topologies.

Disadvantages include difficult reconfiguration and fault isolation. A bus is usually designed to be optimally efficient at installation. This poses difficult to add new devices. Also, signal reflection at the taps can cause degradation in quality which can be controlled by limiting the number of taps and spacing. In addition, faults and break in the bus cable stop all transmission.

Network Topology: Ring

In-ring topology, each device has a dedicated point to point line configuration only with the two devices on either side of it. A signal is passed along the ring in one direction, from device to device, until it reaches its destination. Each device has a repeater which regenerates the bits and passes them along to another device.


The major advantage of the ring topology is-

It is easy to install and reconfigure.

It is easy to add or delete a device as it requires to move only two connections.

Fault isolation is simplified.

The major constraints of ring topology are-

The media and traffic consideration (Maximum length and number of devices)

Unidirectional traffic can also be a demerit as a break in the ring can disable the entire network.

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Online Fraud: Data Entry and Part-Time Job.

Hello Friends, This blog is going to be very interesting for the job seeker who is searching online work specially in the field of data entry and suffering online fraud.

You would have listened most of the time and from several numbers of peoples that approx 99% of data entry jobs are fake or online fraud. So finding a genuine data entry work is just like to find something in a big sea.

Still, all the online job seekers constantly search the data entry project with positive hope that they will get genuine work at the end.

And this is a fact that there is a majority of peoples online who are sitting to complete a data entry project with full honesty and hard work.

Still, there are many scams and online fraud are happening on the name of part-time job and data entry work from home.

And they are targeting honest and hardworking and innocent job seekers using online fraud who are unaware of this kind of fraud in starting however they do not know the verification procedure before applying for any data entry job.

One interesting thing is that these online data entry fraudsters have also changed their style of working and they have been more authentic and secure and they will pretend like they are genuine.

They will have a proper website, one fake cum authentic address, multiple phone numbers or WhatsApp number. Some of them can also have positive reviews for their website which is only done by their own team to make fool us. Their number will be registered at their company name. Nowadays they will maintain all possible stuff for making online fraud as an audience has been very aware technically.

But they are not actual one who provide genuine data entry work. The main motive of data entry fraud company is to make a game plan where students or jobseekers will start the game and they will finish it with a loot of huge money from a student by showing the fear of fake court cases and by calling as a fake advocate.

But the truth is this that real advocate does not have time to call even in a sensitive crime, and multiple fraud cases are in a queue for a long time and these data entry fraud company manages their fake advocate for the collection of money and making pressure on innocent students or job seekers.

So many sensible cases have been happening in our country but who really cares for them, but these fake peoples or online fraud company have their preloaded team of an advocate or fake advocate to threaten the victim of their game and collect possible money from them.

These online fraud companies try all possible ways to threaten the student or jobseeker by calling or by sending a message display like coming from the court. And most of the users or customers give them money to rid out of these fake court cases or these fraud companies.

Now the most important question is how to identify any data entry or part-time job is to be genuine or authentic and real.

How any user can verify that which online data entry job is real and which is fake or online fraud?

It is really very hard to decide which part-time job is genuine or which website is giving an authentic data entry job. You can believe some top freelancing website who works as a mediator between you and your client.

A website like a freelancer, fiver, Upwork, and etc could be considered somehow authentic however there may be some bad experience with this website too. But this is not the fack website, though you can have a work-related complexion with your client or payment related problem with the client. But this website will not take our money.

We can categories fake data entry work or part-time work in the below given categories of online fraud:

Registration in advance:

These types of websites or companies or callers will ask you for initial registration charges which could be from 100 to 10000 and more. And some of them their premium plans too for data entry work.

They will take the registration amount from you and will terminate all possible communication with you and will not respond to you and will run away.

No Registration charge- Only work:

Most of the fake company does not take your money instead they take your time and energy to complete their own task and once you finish their task they mark it rejected or declared it mistaken work and does pay for your work. And they take it with them.

Your work could be 100% correct but they will reject your work in quality check and will deny making any payment for your work.

Registration is deducted from your salaries:

In this type of job, they do not request registration charges in advance whenever once you complete your work then they will deduct it from your salaries.
So in this process, you start your work and during your work, they make some IP related interrupt from server-side and block your id or login id and ask the charges for unblocking of your id.

And if anyhow you succeed in completing your work then they will fail your work in the quality check process and again will demand money as per their work losses. In this type of data entry work.

They make you sign a fake agreement and have some non-sense condition init. They have mentioned some non-sense conditions in the fake agreement and once you break it actually you don’t have control over this as it will be a break, they design their software in such a way that you can not
save your self.

Nowadays, the Company name ‘PEPPER AND JONES‘ is making online fraud with innocent peoples under this category. You can also search their complaints in the consumer complain forum or you just type the name and you will get the description below in the results. They give the task of form filling and then play the game of id blocking and money demanding.

Initially, they will not let you complete your work, As they will block your login id in the shade of IP blocking or multiple logins. And anyhow you complete the work then they will fail you in the quality check phase and will tell you that your mistakes are too much and you are not eligible for payment.

Elegant Europia‘ was its old name which has cheated with many innocent students and jobseekers. Now they are playing the same game with the name of ‘Pepperandjones’. So please be aware of this company call. They generally call if you have applied through OLX however they can call you from any medium where you have applied for a data entry job.

Some important tips that can save you from these data entry online fraud:

Always go with some famous website or freelancing website which has a major information and procedure description about them on the internet.

Always do research about any suspicious website or company over google or the internet if you have any doubts about that.

Always search for any complained if it is mentioned about the company or caller over consumer complained or the internet or any other forum.

If you are from the technical background then you can search the technical detail about the website like how old it is and where has it been hosted and what is the expiry date of its domain. As most of the fraud websites are generally registered for a short period of time.

Always check the internet presence of any company or website before joining its agreement.

Do not join any data entry job through OLX, until you can meet them physically for work discussion and they’re for their verification.

Do not start any job if it has come over WhatsApp or any other social media platform until it is verified fully.

If you are really interested in doing the data entry job then you should try to find in your local area where you can meet the client and could get a valid work.

Genuine data entry providers never ask for money as in advance or in the name of registration charges, so please never give a single rupee to get the data entry work or part-time work over the internet or using the phone.

As fake agreement does harm to you, but you should still read the agreement carefully line by line, and make it clear from the company if you are having any doubt in it. If you are not good at English then you can show it to your friends or whoever you want to show who is good at English and make it understand.

What to do if you are stuck or caught in data entry or online fraud scam:

I hope, no one mess up in this situation made by these online fraud companies or data line scammers. But if you have been a victim of this or suffering right now then I will advice

advise one thing, never give a single rupee or money to them. However, they will try to threaten you by all possible ways like calling you again and again and messaging you on the name of the court and legal processing and hearing in court.

These all will be fake, they will also make a call using some fake lawyers or advocate who will force you either deposit money or be prepared for a court case.

Believe me, this all will be a fake process, so never have a fear in your heart and brain and never takes any steps which can harm your health and mental states. If you really feel much pressure them you can consult with your friends and parents and can also complain in a near police station or cybercrime branch or cell regarding this online fraud if you have any in your city

You can lodge a complaint in an online consumer forum, and if they are making your discomfort by calling and message again and again then block all their contacts and medium of contacts and can stop all communication from this online fraud.

In the case of any queries, you can write to us at a5theorys@gmail.com we will get back to you ASAP.

Hope! you would have enjoyed this post about online fraud or data entry fraud, data entry scam, part-time job scam.

Please feel free to give your important feedbacks in the comment section below.

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Pepper and Jones Is a Scam or legit?

Hello Friends, In this blog post we will analyze one website ‘Pepperandjones.com‘ that is responsible for providing the data entry projects. We will discuss whether this is a genuine company or this is a fake company.

Pepper and jones is a fake and is doing online fraud with the customers. At first sight, they seem to be real and genuine. But when you spent 1-2 days of working for them then you understand their truth. They are nothing but a big online fraud.

As per my R&D and on the basis of the consumer complaint forum I would say that this ‘Pepper and Jones’ is the total fake company and is a big scam that is doing organized cheating with the innocent student and job seeker. And pressurizing them to give money by showing the fear of court case on breaking up the fake agreement done between them.

You can generally get their call if you have applied using OLX. There could be some other medium too.

Pepper and jones fake procedure to steal the innocent money:

You will get a call and they will ask you whether you are interested in data entry work, if you would say yes, then they will ask you to reply ‘Hi’ on WhatsApp. They want you to make all the communication over WhatsApp.

Once you send ‘Hi’ to them in WhatsApp then they send you all details about the company along with a pdf prospectus.

Here they explain that you have to fill 700 or 750 forms and you will be paid 25/form.

You have to maintain an accuracy of 90%, only 10% of mistakes are acceptable.

You should not allow making multiple logins as they want you to do the work with proper authenticity.

When you start your work then after some time they start blocking your ID, even you have maintained all possible precautions for avoiding the multiple logins.

If you are making proper login and logout then one of their members will call you and will ask you not to making logout.

And when you do not make logout then again when you connect your internet then you are blocked again as your IP changes are detected.

The conclusion is that they will block your id in between and then for unblocking your id they will demand 8000 rupees.

And if you will refuse to give them money then after somedays their team members will start calling and messaging you on the name of advocate and court.

They will show you the fear of fining a case against you. And again I will demand you huge money from you. In actual they all are fake and their information is not authentic as per their details.

There cases and advocate is not authentic, they all are fake peoples call only for money.

What are the two main conditions in ‘pepper and jones’ agreement?

If you will have multiple logins then your ID will be blocked: This is the main key point for pepper and jones team, actually the first thing is the fact that no one is interested in reading the long agreement copy, but we should read it once with a focus on the main point.

So according to this condition of multiple logins the user thinks or imagines that that condition would be for stopping the multiple logins in the different-2 system so as a user can not work parallelly.

This is the first sign where a user can understand that these pepper and jones peoples dose not focused on work, they do not want their form filling work finish at the time.

This multiple login condition is specially kept in agreement because they know that ID will be blocked, as they have full control over the system. And if a user is doing work very wisely that the user is doing logout after work and proper login before work, then this will be a myth after 2-3 days.

One of their team members will call you and will ask you not to be logged out, and will leave you in confusion whether to log out or not after the end of the day. Even most of the worker does not know proper English and is not technical to have knowledge of IP and
multiple logins.

In India, most of the users use mobile wifi hotspot to run the internet in their system or laptop. So it is obvious that IP will be changed whenever they will turn on or turn off their wifi or in the case of a power cut.

So Nobody can stop this even you work in a single system all the time.
So this is like someone asks you to swim in a swimming pool without water and keep a condition that your body should not be dry. So this is a very illogical condition kept with the bad intention of cheating.

The second condition is out of 750 forms you have to fill 675 forms correct to make your payment(25/form), mean to say at least 675 forms should be correct.

So in this situation a user who works really very hard day and night with all precaution reaches the endpoint and finishes the work of 750 forms, Then this pepper and jones team apply the second rule and they always fail the user in the phase of quality check. They tell you that you could not finish the work successfully so now you have to pay the charges for their work loss.

Means they have different agenda in this online fraud work. And sometimes they succeed in their motive and they steal the money from innocent people.

But the truth is that they are not genuine, they do not focus on work, they are never supposed to give you any money. They just want to take your money by showing the fear of court case articles and by making the calls from fake advocates.

The pepper and jones company’s intention and their agreement is totally fake and they are never supposed to give you anything. They just mess peoples in some complex technical situation which the user actually does not know about. And then they ask money on the basis of agreement condition.

So this whole game of online fraud is divided into two phases by ‘Pepper and Jones’:

  1. Block the id anyhow and demand money for unblocking the id so that the user can finish their work.
  2. Negative report for quality check for user work and demand the money all expenses, like registration fees and another maintenance charge.

The user does not make any mistake, they block user id from their end and then they show the user that this is his mistake and now he has broken the agreement and now for unblocking his ID he needs to pay 8000 rupees, What the hell is this!

On average when a person does hard work for a whole day then they earn the utmost 500 rupees, and these pepper and jones people are making fools by charging this huge amount for doing nothing actually.

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Hope! you would have enjoyed this post about ‘Pepper and Jones’ and its online data entry fraud or part-time job fraud.

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