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In this blog post, I am going to explain how to enable the payment in Google Adsense.

This could be a very interesting post for those who are struggling to enable their Google Adsense payment after reaching the address verification threshold.

As it has been observed that many of us get mess up with the problem of enabling the Google Adsense payment.

Once you reach the Address verification threshold that is $10 then Google Adsense send you an address verification pin and in your account, you can see the notification like “Your payment is on hold  just verify your address” whereas some people might see two notification one for address pin verification and another for identity verification as this depends on place to place or country.

For enabling the Google Adsense payment you may either verify the address or both address and identity, this depends on your place of living or country.

Before going in depth-first I want to let you know about the threshold, there two types of threshold in Google Adsense, which are explained below.

1. Address verification threshold

Once you join the Google Adsense program then they send an address verification pin to the given address at your AdSense account once you reach your address verification threshold that is $10, this might be changed as per google updates.

That means once your Adsense income becomes $10 then google send an address verification code by post to your given address at Adsense. Once you receive that pin then you have to enter that pin code into your Google Adsense account.
Once you enter the correct pin your address will be verified in a short time.

2. Payment threshold

By default,t google sets a $100 minimum payment threshold that means you can’t withdraw your money until you reach this amount of $100 though you can set your own thresholds which must be more than this as per your requirement.

So above we explained about the types of Google Adsense threshold. Now to get your payment from Google Adsense will this address verification be sufficient?

See, this depends on your location and your country too. for someplace,s address verification is sufficient to verify there is no need to verify the identity.

But in few places, identity verifications are also required to be done for enabling your payment through Google Adsense.

What is this identity verification and how does it happen?

this is very simple verification which is to be done just by uploading your one of your ID approved by your country government such as driving license, voter ID and etc.

This verification is also an alternate option when a user does not get the address verification pin in all given attempt from Google Adsense. Then they are given the chance to upload their ID and verify the account.

This identity verification is compulsory in few places or country whereas in few places address verification is just enough to verify. Bu in a case where you don’t receive the address verification code in all given attempt of pin generation then you have this alternate option to verify your identity to enable your Google AdSense payment.

What is the total no. of attempt that Google Adsense provides for pin generation?

they provide total 3 attempts to generate the pin and send them to your postal address. You can change your address as per your help where you can easily get the pin or your postman can easily reach. Make sure you enter the best address where your post can reach easily. it is not compulsory that your address should match the address of your ID card.

But if you don’t receive the address pin in all the given attempt then you get the chance to upload your Identity card at this time make sure you keep the same address of your Google Adsense account as well as your identity card, So that there would not be any misconception with your identity. But if you receive your address pin from post then there is no need to keep the same address on your ID card and Adsense account as they just check the name in priority.


How much time Adsense provide to enter the address verification code?

It is 4 month now, once your pin is generated then you have four months to enter that pin in your Adsense account from the date of pin generation.

The first time the PIN is generated by Adsense once you reach the threshold of $10 for address verification. they also informed you by sending the email though you can also see this pin generation info with notification in your Adsense account.

How much time this does PIN take to reach us?

This depends on the distance of your place or country. Usually, it takes 2-4 weeks to get your pin at your given address. however, you can also wait up to 6 weeks as it could be more delay because of your postal service too.

When can I generate new pin and is it limited to generate the PIN?

Once your four weeks of a period is over you can generate a new PIN, you can also check this in your account where you can find the date after that you can generate a new pin. Yes, there is a limitation in the PIN generation. there are only three attempts to generate the PIN. So Make sure to change the address where you can easily receive Your PIN. And the address is easily available to the postmaster.

What if in all the attempts we could not receive the PIN?

Don’t worry! if you don’t receive it in all the attempts then you can verify your identity by uploading the Government authorized identity card.

I have verified my address PIN still it is showing the notification to verify the identity. do I need to make one more verification?

Yes, for few country or place both are required, so just upload your ID and verify it. It is very simple. Make sure your name in ID and Adsense account must be same.

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Google Adsense: How & Where to Place Adsense Code in Your Website?

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In this blog tutorial, I am going to let you know about how & where to place your Ad unit in your Website?

It is very important to place your Ad unit at the right place so that you could earn more potential profit from your Ad.

If you have not created Google Adsense account and created the Ad unit then please go through the below extensive link for the same.

Create Adsense account with step by step procedure.

How to create an Ad unit in Google Adsense?

What should we keep in our mind before placing the Adsense code?

The Ad should be placed in such a way that it gets a full attention of your site visitors.

your Ad should be of a medium size not to large and not too small, actually, this also depends on the place where are you placing the Ads.

Your Ads should be responsive else there should be sufficient place to set your Ad.

Try to avoid to place the Ads just near to any image or after any image or link so that user does not get a click on accidentally with the confusion of content as this is not a good practice to have.

What is the procedure for placing our Ad in our site….?

This is a very simple procedure, you just need to follow the step by step procedure given below.

First login to your Google Adsense account.

Then click on your Ad unit and then copy the code.


Now login to your Website dashboard or admin panel.


now you can paste this code at four most promising places. See the image below.

<head> section:


Click on header.php file here you will get both head and body section. See the image below.


Here we are pasting the code inside the head section. See the image below.


<body> section:

This is the same procedure as the head section above just paste the code inside the body tag which is just below to the head tag.  But for this section, you can create a new Ad unit as it would be easy to track the performance of your Ad.

widget area:  Click on widget area, here you can drag and drop the text widget to the right sidebar or widget area. See the image below. Create a new Ad unit for the widget area.


Here you can paste the code for Ad unit. See the below image.


Post/Pages: Here you can paste the code inside post or pages.  You just need to open the post/page and then open in text view and paste the code where ever you need to show in your post. See the image below.


Page-Level-Ads: Here you will see, how to place the code for page level ads. You just need to copy the code and then you can either paste it inside the head or body section.

If you have already added your one ad unit inside the head section this code you can add inside the body section.

Once you place this code inside the body section ads will start to appear on your website pages. See the image below.


Here we paste this code inside the body tag. See the image below.


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Google Adsense: How to create Ad units in Google Adsense?

Hello Friends,

In this blog post, I am going to let you know about how to create the Ad Unit in Google Adsense?

Once your Google Adsense account is approved, you are ready to create your Ad Unit and paste into your website, and then advertising will start to come on your website.

If you have not approved your Google Adsense account or have some difficulty for the same then you can go through the below extensive blog link for step by step procedure to approve the Google Adsense account.

Set & Approve your Google Adsense account Faster.

Here you can show the Ads of two types.

1. An ad unit that you will create manually, you can create any number of Ad unit.

2. Page level ads, these are the ads which will be shown automatically on your website, here you need to enable the option for different types of page level ads.

these ads will be shown in such a way that your content will not get any disturbance from ads.

How to create an  Ad Unit?

This is a very simple procedure, you just need to follow the step by step procedure given below.

Once you will login into your Google Adsense accounts then you will see the dashboard as shown below.

then click on My ads. See the image below.



Then click on New Ad Unit as shown in the image below.


Here you need to enter the name of your Ad unit. I will suggest you keep the relevant name as if you are going to keep this Ad unit in the header section then you can give the name as head-area.

This will help you to check the performance of your all Ad unit. You would easily know that your header area ad doing well or widget area.

The second option is  Ad size, you should always choose the responsive ad size as they take the position as per the place left or responsive Ad can adjust according to space available. Else you can choose as per requirement.

In the next few sets are some formal setting like ad styling and etc. You can explore them and can manage according to your desire.

Once you are done with all the formalities then you can save it and can get the code. See the image below.


Here you get the code for this Ad type. you can create any number of Ad unit.

you should create separate Ad unit for separate part of the website like ads for post, page, widget area, header, body and etc.

this helps you to track the performance of your ads.


You will see all your ads in ad units. here you can edit an Ad and can rename it, hide it, get code anytime. See the image below.


How to set page-level ads….?

This is also a very simple process, just follow the steps given below.

Click on the page level ads as shown in the below image.

Either you can turn On all the page level ads or you can also turn OFF any ads that you don’t wish to show with the option provided with ads.


Once you place the code either in the head or top of the body section they start to appear automatically in all the pages or post. they are shown automatically in the page and bottom area as per their configuration.

so once place the code and never worry about these page level ads.


How to delete Ad unit?

You can’t delete the Google Ad unit that you have to create once, instead, you can hide them or rename them if you want to use for the different place.

Once you hide them after some time they become inactive.

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