CSV Email Cleaner: Remove emails of a specific domain

Hello Friends, In this blog, I am going to let you know about CSV email cleaner tool or software. Sometimes did you need to remove some specific email addresses from your email CSV? Make it more simple, say you have millions of emails with different domain extensions like most of them are gmail.com and yahoo.com and any other, etc.

What does this CSV email cleaner actually do? What is the procedure?

You can see the screenshot for the CSV email cleaner software below, here you can select a particular domain which you want to remove or select. Here in the demo of this software, we have included both the functionality for adding and removing the emails of a particular domain extension. In the below demo when you will select the gmail.com then it will remove all the emails with this gmail.com extension and when you will select yahoo.com then it will select all the emails with yahoo.com extension.


*Note – Domain add and delete functionality is disabled for the live demo.

And now you want to remove all the email having gmail.com domain extension from your email CSV, there could be many reasons behind this as you don’t want to send emails to this domain email or this is fake domain extension which you want to remove from your email CSV file. You can easily remove all emails with this particular domain extension using this CSV email cleaner tool.

Removal of gmail.com using CSV email cleaner

There may be another case where you have millions of email addresses in your email CSV file with different domain extension and now you just need to select a particular domain extension based emails say you just want to extract yahoo.com emails out of all the emails and export them in an email CSV file. So you can easily select them all with this CSV email cleaner tool.

Selection of all yahoo.com using CSV email cleaner

The format of the CSV file that you need to upload is given below while using CSV email cleaner. Remember only to upload file in CSV format.



So this CSV email cleaner is an amazing tool which can filter all your email address based on a particular domain name. you can easily remove and select the emails based on domain extensions in your email CSV file.

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