Distributed DBMS & it’s Need

A distributed database management system(DDBMS) is a software system that manages a distributed database while making the distribution transparent to the user. In simple meaning, the whole data of the database is not kept at one place instead it is distributed on the basis of various parameter like the place, requirement and etc. Most of you will be aware of Facebook, Facebook distributes its database on the basis of country and has multiple servers to handle their database. So a database can be distributed on the basis of department, organization, company, people and etc.

Need of Distributed database DBMS?

If you see the enterprises then you will find they are already been distributed, at least logically(into division, department, workgroups, etc.) and very likely physical too (into plants, factories, laboratories, etc.) from which it follows that data is usually distributed already as well.

Because each organization unit within the enterprise will maintain data that is relevant to its own operation. The total information asset of the enterprise is thus splintered into what is sometimes called an island of information.

Distributed DBMS System

The distributed system provides the necessary bridges to connect those island together. In other words, it enables the structure of the database to mirror the structure of the enterprise.

Local data can be kept locally, where it most logically belongs while at the same time remote data can be accessed when necessary. so ultimately data distribution makes our work very easy as we can access the data frequently with high speed without any conflict and complication.


Distributed DBMS is all about reducing the complication in accessing the data. If data will be distributed on the basis of its nature and category then it will be very easy to access the data without any traffic at one place. Hope you would have enjoyed this post. Feel free to write us at a5theorys@gmail.com if you have any query in your mind, We would love to sort it out asap.

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