FAT32 Advantages and Disadvantages?

Hello Friends, In this blog post I am going to let you know about the advantages and disadvantages of the FAT32 file system.

As we know that FAT32 is a file system that you would have seen in the study of the operating system. it is more like a traditional DBMS system where the information is stored in the form of hierarchy.

FAT32 Advantages:

The boot sector is automatically backed up at a specified location on the volume, so FAT32 volumes are less susceptible to single points of failure than FAT16 volumes.

FAT32 is best for cross-compatibility with other platforms. FAT32 is more robust. FAT32 also reduces the resources necessary for the computer to operate.

FAT32 uses small clusters, so it allocates disk space more efficiently than FAT16. Depending on the size of your files, FAT32 creates the potential for tens and even hundreds of megabytes of additional free disk space on larger volumes compared to FAT16.

The root folder of the FAT32 drive is an ordinary cluster chain and can be located anywhere on the volume. For this reason, FAT32 does not restrict the number of entries in the root folder.

FAT32 can automatically use the backup copy of the file allocation table instead of the default copy(with FAT16, only a disk repair tool such as Chkdsk can implement backup.

Disadvantages of the FAT32 file system:

More than one identical copy of FAT is maintained for protection.

There is no built-in file system security or compression scheme with FAT32.

The largest FAT32 volume that windows 2000 can format is 32GB.

FAT32 volumes are not directly accessible from an operating system other than windows 95 OSR2 and windows98.

If you have a startup failure, you can not start the computer by using MS-DOS or windows 95(excluding version OSR2 and later) bootable floppy disk.

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