Gmail Labels: How To Create And Manage Gmail Labels?

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In this blog post, I am going to discuss the Gmail Labels.

What is the Gmail Labels?

the gmail Labels are nothing but a name given to your email storage group by category.

Suppose you are getting several emails regarding your product1 and product2 then you can manage the emails separately for your products.

What are the benefits of creating these Gmail Labels…?

It becomes very easy to manage and answer your emails if you have kept them with the labels using gmail labels.

When you receive emails query in bulk then you can easily identify then with the label colors and can immediately answer and move them to the respective labels.

You can also answer the emails priority wise as they easily identify with their color, it will increase the productivity of your service and ease of management.

It is also easy to distribute your work by filtering out the emails into their specific labels, several people can work on answering them. It will make your response fast and save your time.

It is easy to search the emails if they are stored with gmail labels.

It is also useful in the analysis the emails of a specific category.

How can we create these gmail labels?

It is a very simple process to create the gmail labels.

Please follow the below procedure step by step.

1. Login to your Gmail Account.


2. Click on create a new label on the left side panel.


3. Enter the name of label you want to create.


4. you can also create sub-label.


5. Add another label to My Emails.

6. Here you can see your labels created at the left side panel.


7. Now, give a color to all your label.


8. Your labels will be visible with colors now. And your email conversation and storing in the labels will acquire the same color as their specific label.


9. After coloring your labels your emails storage flow can be identified easily. And you can move it finally to the concerning label when all the conversation regarding the email is over.

How can you manage your labels….?

You can easily manage your labels.
1. Click on manage labels on the left side panel


2. Here you can perform several operations on your labels like edit, hide, show, remove and etc.


3. Auto Reply email allow you to set the auto reply at your Gmail account. You can set the vocational autoreply to your subscribers. You can also set the time duration for your auto-reply emails.


4. you can restrict any email with some conditions on them. You need to set the filters here.


5. Email  Forwarder: You can add an email forwarder and you will receive all the emails of this account to your email forwarded email.

So this was all about creating and managing the Gmail labels.

Make your email sending easy and interesting by labeling them.

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