How To Make Animated GIF Image Using Photoshop?

Hello Friends, In this blog post, I am going to let you know about an interesting feature of photoshop, which is to create an animated GIF image using photoshop.

I am pretty sure that most of you would be aware of the GIF image and would have tried or used it over social media networks. GIF image creates a beautiful impact and very eye-catchy.

What you do when you think to send a GIF image to your friend, probably you would have searched it on google or the internet and would have used it.

But those all GIF was not customized GIF as they were builtin by those websites. And another option you can get by most of the websites to build your own GIF image by just uploading the images. This option is also great until you have very little use of GIF image and use GIF very rare.

But, how would you feel when you will make your own GIF image using a software photoshop, it would be a great feeling, isn’t’ it? I hope you will be aware of this software. If you don’t know then don’t worry you can learn this software easily by using online tutorials.

Photoshop is used for building photos, finishing photos, means to say all activity related to a pic, video, GIF and etc can be done using this.

How to create an animated GIF image using photoshop?

This is really very simple, you just need to follow the below-given procedure step by step.

Load your files or images into photoshop which you want to convert in GIF


In your photoshop window select all the image files for creating a GIF image and then click ok, as shown in the below-given image.


Click on window->Animation as shown in the below image, you will see an animation window appear in the bottom of the window.


Click select->All layers, to select all the layers of your image files as shown in the below image using your photoshop window.


First, click on the top right of the animation window as shown in the below image and then check this option ”create a new layer for each new frame’ as shown in the below image.


Now again first click on the top right of the animation window, and then click on the option ‘Make frames from layers’, see the below image for the same.


Set time for each image for showing and also set the appear frequency as shown in the below-given image.


Now, finally, you can save your image. See the below image for the same.


See your final GIF image build using photoshop below.


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Hope! you would have enjoyed this post about creating an animated GIF using photoshop.

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