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Merge Sort In Data Structure.

Hello Friends, In this blog post I am going to let you know about a very important sorting technique in data structure that is Merge Sort.

Merging is the process of combining two or more sorted files into a third sorted file. Let ‘A’ be a sorted list containing ‘X’ number of elements and ‘B’ be a sorted list containing ‘Y’ number of elements.

Then the operation that combines the elements of A and B into new sorted list C with Z = X+Y number of elements is called merging. The merge sort works as follows:

Compare the smallest elements of A and B after finding the smallest, put into a new list C, this process is repeated until either list A or B is empty.

Now place the remaining elements of A (or perhaps B) in C. The new list C contains the sorted elements which are equal to the total sum of elements A and B lists.

For understanding the Merge Sort better please go through the below-given example of sorting the lists using Merge Sort step by step.

merg sort1
Merge Sort 1
merg sort2
Merge Sort 2
merg sort3
Merge Sort 3
merg sort4
Merge Sort 4
merg sort5
Merge Sort 5
merg sort6
Merge Sort 6
merg sort7
Merge Sort 7
merg sort8
Merge Sort 8
merg sort9
Merge Sort 9
merg sort10
Merge Sort 10
merg sort11
Merge Sort 11
merg sort12
Merge Sort 12
merg sort13
Merge Sort 13
merg sort14
Merge Sort 14
merg sort15
Merge Sort 15
merg sort16
Merge Sort 16
merg sort17
Merge Sort 17
merg sort18
Merge Sort 18
merg sort19
Merge Sort 19

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