network security

Network Security

Hello Friends, In this blog post, I am going to let you know about Network security, which is an essential part of networking. In older times when the computer networks come into its existence usually, researchers used them for sending emails or there is some broadcast.

The question of network security does not arise then. Later when ordinary people started using the network for banking, shopping and filing a tax return; through interconnected computerized systems, demands for secrecy gradually crept in.

Nowadays when organizations and individuals depend more on the data available to make critical decisions, the authenticity of data is sure to be maintained with a validate network security.

At the same time privacy been the right of an individual to get protection against damage caused by inaccurate and inappropriately released data, it is the job of network security to provide protection within the information system.

Network Security covers a broad topic, mainly it concerns unauthorized entry but also deals with problem of the legitimate message being captured and replayed and when people trying to deny that they had sent certain message.

The element from which protection against unauthorized entry is to be made, includes students, professional teachers, businessmen, ex-employers, spies and terrorists. Network security problems can be roughly divided into four integrated areas.


It has to do with keeping information out of the hands of unauthorized users and minimized the probability of intrusion.


It deals with determining who you are talking to before revealing sensitive information or doing any business deal.


It deals with a signature so that nobody can deny afterwards for a placed or supplied order.

Integrity control:

This is to maintain integrity of send data so that the same meaning of the message is conveyed which sender meant. There are various methods to achieve network security. One such method is cryptography.

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