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PTC Sites Make Online Money

Hi Friends,

In this blog tutorial, I am going to let you know about PTC sites.

PTC stands for paid to click, means you are paid for your clicks.

Now the question is where to click and how it will pay to you?

See, there are various online sites which are running this program for users like you and me who can make extra money just by a click.

You might have also seen some website which asks either for filling some survey form or some other simple stuff.

But at the same time, you should be very careful while choosing as such site for making money. because most of the sites are fake and you will just waste your efforts and time. So just do some research and check the review of any site which you are planning to make money from.

Once you earn some money using these sites then you can either get them by Paypal account or some other payment gateway option provided by them.

Is it worth to trust these PTC sites?

As I said earlier in this blog that most of the sites are fake but not all, so you need to find the legit one. But one thing is very clear that this is a very slow process of earning and can never be considered as the source of primary income.
If you are looking for making few extra dollar then you can try these sites.

Can you suggest few good PTC or survey site?

As per my experiences, you can try superpay and paidviewpoint as they are legit site and pay for your work. But as I said the earning is very slow, so this is just time pass earning.

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