UML: Sequence Diagram

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In this blog post, I am going to teach you about UML or Sequence diagram.

UML stand for Unified Modeling Language and was created by Objected Management Group.

A sequence diagram is the best way to express the whole functionality flow of your project.

It shows the connection between two or more events with the help of flow chart diagram.

It becomes very easy to understand the classes, objects, methods, variable with the help of flow chart diagram.

It is a great help to understand the behavior of complex application and software system.

what is the need of this Sequence Diagram or UML…?

  • This is the design phase of any kind of software where we make an event chart or flow charts regarding our projects so that we could easily understand and code for the software.
  • When the size of the project grows with the time then it is very difficult to a new person to understand the code and functionality of the project thus this UML or flow chart or sequence diagram becomes the great help to understand the project.
  • No one usually sees the hardcore of the software so it is very important to have the design and flow chart of the software or application.

You can see the example of the sequence diagram below.


There are several available tools for designing the UML diagrams, you does not need to have any code language to use that software.

Please check out some extensive link below for downloading the software and some additional information about the sequence diagram OR UML.

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