How To Stop Spam Email?

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In this blog post, we are going to share a very interesting story in order to stop the spam emails coming to your inbox folder.

And the situation becomes worst when you don’t find any unsubscribe option in that.

Most of the users may be upset with the problem of spam emails inbox. So here in this blog post, we are going to share all possible ways to stop the spam email coming to your inbox.

The very first and easy way to stop the spam emails is to click the unsubscribe option listed in the email template or body. Generally, unsubscribe option is kept at the bottom but you can also find it in the email header.

So once you click the unsubscribe option then you will not probably receive the email from that sender.

But it not a guarantee that you will not get any further emails from the same sender in future.

Why this happens even after unsubscribing the emails you again get it in your inbox at some point in time?

This is because of your email address listed in multiple email list of sender and they do maintain to check blocked email address. So once you unsubscribe the email then it removes your email address from one list but it is still listed in another list of the sender.

So when a sender sends another email campaign to the same list where you are still listed then you again get the email from the same sender which you have been unsubscribed.

What to do if spam is coming even after unsubscribing?

A first simple thing you can do is to block the domain sending you the spam email again.

how would you do this?

In most of the email client like Gmail, Yahoo you have a facility to block the email address or domain as in the Gmail You can find it under Setting>>blockaddress.

You just need to put the full email address or domain here to block the email address however you can also block the address with the option given in the inbox panel for the specific email.

If you are using email client which does not have such facility to block the address then you can follow the below-given procedure.

Before explaining the procedure I wish you to explain the types of emails you receive.

You may receive two types of email in your inbox first email is with customized branding and verified domain the second one with ESP branding without a verified domain.

In a customized branded email with a verified domain, you can not identify that using which ESP sender is sending the email. Whereas in another case you can easily see the ESP branding in the email, for example, email via Amazon.

So if you receive an email with ESP branding where the sender domain is not verified then you can write down the ESP name can get its contact information or email from internet.

And then you can directly send an email to this ESP reporting for spam user sending you the spam emails. they will surely block or warn that user to stop sending the spam email to you.

In the first case where you don’t get the information about ESP then you can search the domain hosting site and can send an email to directly to the hosting company of that domain which is sending you the spam email.

Hosting company will take the action against the user or will warn him not to send the spam to you again. And you will not get any further spam email from this user.

In both the above cases user can’t ignore the warning either of ESP or hosting company because it can cause a shutdown to his account so sender will immediately stop sending spam to your email address.

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