Suspended Email Account: SMTP Account has been suspended.

Most of the online business runner or email marketing users are facing a most common and critical problem that is suspended email account or we can also say it SMTP account suspension.

Users spent lots of money on purchasing the ESP and after after putting lots of efforts along with their ESP support team they build up or complete their account specially if they are not from a technical background.

And once their account is fully setup they shot their first email campaign with a positive outcome in their mind but they suddenly receive an email that your email account has been suspended or SMTP account has been suspended.

This seems like an awkward moment for ESP users. and the user does not have any idea why did it happen or had a suspended email account?

Here in this situation users loss his time and money both. And a loss of business too.


Now the question is why did it happen? and was it a big deal to reactivate the SMTP account or suspended email account?

Friends I tell you the most responsible factors for your suspended email account is your carelessness and half knowledge about email campaign and ESP and their policy which we usually never read in the starting.

Most of the ESP has an average allowable range for spam and bounce email. it is generally 2-5% which depend on respective ESP. And once you cross this limit then SMTP provider immediately suspend your account as you violate their policy.

And the most painful situation after this is the user remains helpless to reactivate their suspended email account, Why?

The reason is quite simple. Once email account gets suspended then SMTP or ESP provider send you an email asking for the reason for this and they also check your website and all possible medium that you have attached to get your subscribers.

If you have a full functioning website along with contact and subscriber form then it becomes an easy task to reactivate your suspended account for the very first time though it is very difficult to repeat this mistake again as it is hard to get reactivate your suspended email account gets reactivated.

And if you sent your email campaign to a purchased or third party list and you don’t have a website to show you, subscribers, collection source then your email or SMTP account remains suspended and you are not left with any option except create a new account with new email id and new website domain within the same ESP. With the same configuration, you can create account to other ESP providers but it will not work for a long time.

What is the most important thing you should do for getting rid out of this situation if you are sending email to a third party email list?

Your main motive should minimize the spam and bounce percentage as it should not cross the allowable range however most of the ESP or SMTP gives one more chance with a first time warning but users take this warning very lightly for the first time.

How can you minimize your spam and bounce email rate in order to stop suspended email account?

This is very simple but you need to follow a strict rule while sending an email campaign.

Dedicated IP or Domain:

If it is possible please purchase a dedicated domain to sending your email from address. If the domain will be dedicated then it has no chance of it’s IP to be listed in any blacklist as you will have a dedicated IP and you will control all the usages of your domain.

Email list verification:

Never forget to clean our email list each time before sending your email campaign. In general most of the ESP provides a basic email cleaning tools where they generally check for MX records as their prime function is to send your email campaign. So it is your responsibility to clean your email list with a third party email list cleaner or email verifier.

Configure Spam & Bounce hook point

This is also a most important configuration to reduce your spam and bounce emails. Most of the ESP have this facility to get your spam and bounce records after sending the email campaign but for doing this you need to set the endpoint or hook from your SMTP to your ESP. By doing this your ESP is capable to make the list of spam and bounce email and the benefit of this is that when you send an email campaign next time then your email is not being sent to these email addresses and it is a less chance to increase your spam and bounce email percentage range as you are catching those emails in every run.


To stop or reduce suspended email account you need to be aware of little functioning of ESP or SMTP. You can not rely on ESP support team as they are ready to provide a tutorial for each of your problems but it is not their complete mistake as sometimes they are busy too. So you should read the tutorial completely and never start your email campaigning just after your account email gets verified instead follow the whole procedure and read the document carefully and if you are unable to understand them then you can surely ask the support team. They will definitely set up your full account. Once you are all done with all checks then start to shot your email campaign you will definitely get a good result at least no suspended email account.

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