How To Update Name Server Records(DNS Records)For Your Domain?

Hello Friends, In this blog post I will let you know about the name server records of the domain. And I will tell you all the necessary stuff related to the domain nameserver records update.

Why do we need to update the nameserver records(DNS Records)?

Usually when you purchase your domain and hosting from the same provider then you don’t need to update your nameserver records(DNS records). This is done automatically by the system as they have control of both domains and hosting.

But when you purchase your domain from the third party and hosting from a different hosting provider then, in this situation you need to update the DNS records for the nameserver. If you don’t do this then you will not be able to access your website with your domain.

You can also transfer your domain, but your hosting may charge an amount for this transfer of domain and hosting at their end. So the transfer is not a good option until it is necessary.

Some of the readers may ask here that even they set up their website with domain addition in the hosting account still they can not access their website?

See, this is not enough to set up your website only with your domain name. But you also need to update the nameserver records(DNS records) on your domain hosting provider, so that your domain start pointing to your hosting account where your website is resting.

Once your nameserver records(DNS records) for your domain are updated then you can easily access all the services hosting at your hosting account along with your website at front.

How to update the nameserver records(DNS records)?

If you are really confused about updating the nameserver or DNS record then I will let you explain with the help of an example here that how to update the nameserver records or DNS records.

For example, your website is hosted at A2hosting and you have purchased a domain from hostinger. Then for the proper functioning of your website you need to update a2hosting nameserver records to your hostinger account so that your domain will be pointing to the a2hosting data or your website data.

How will you get nameserver records from A2hosting or any other hosting site that you own?

This is really very simple to get the nameserver records. First, you can easily ask to the support team of your hosting. You can search it over google as there might be some specific articles regarding your hosting company nameserver records.

You can also get them in your account dashboard at the DNS manager. So you can easily get them without any problem.

How will you update them in your domain hosting website like we have purchased it from hostinger in our case?

Once you get nameserver records from your website hosting site then just login to your domain hosting account. Go to your DNS manager and you can see the options for updating the nameserver(DNS records) for your domain.

nameserver records update
nameserver records update at hostinger account

Just enter the nameserver records and click on the update. Now wait for 24-48 hours as records may take this much time at max, but usually, this is updated very shortly.

There might be one question in your mind that you got only two records to form your website hosting site but, here at your domain hosting site you have four places given for inserting the nameserver records. So how would you insert here?

See, it does not matter how many records you get from your website hosting site, sometimes it can be 2, and sometimes it can be 4 also. And it also does not matter how many places do you have for inserting the nameserver records.

You just insert them, if there are two places and you have four records then insert two records only. If you have four places and you have only two records then insert two only. It will not affect anything on your website.

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