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VPN: Virtual Private Network

Hello Friends, In this blog post I am going to let you know about a very interesting network which is called a virtual private network(VPN).

A virtual private network (VPN) is a process for simulating a private network over a public network such as the internet. It is virtual because it depends on the use of virtual or temporary connections that traverse public lines between users in geographically dispersed LANs belonging to the same enterprise.

Packets then are routed over these connections on an ad-hoc basis. The two fundamental security features of a VPN are to keep intruders out of a private computer network and to encrypt all information leaving a LAN so that unauthorized users are unable to read or modify it.

A VPN can dramatically reduce telecommunication expenses by making use of internet connectivity, which tends to be much lower in cost relative to the use of leased communication lines. The main operational concept for VPNs is IPsec, encryption, packet tunneling, and firewalls.

Fig1 VPN -Virtual Private Network

However, three main VPN categories are for intranet, remote access, and extranet utilization. An intranet VPN providers secure communications between the internal departments of an organization and its branch offices.

As fig 1 describes, this is achieved through a firewall/router combination, which is referred to as a security gateway, that provides an interface between the internet and the various organization intranets(e.g., sales and marketing, finance, engineering and branch offices).

A security gateway provides an interface between the internet and intranets. Fig2 shows the remote access VPN concept. Here mobile and remote workers of an enterprise are connected by means of a VPN using the internet as a backbone.

In such a situation authentication is critical to verify identifies of the users in the most accurate and efficient manner possible. Since the remote and mobile workers could come from the different organizations within the company…,

Remote access vpn concept
Fig2 Remote access VPN concept

each separate department subnetwork might have its own firewall for further protection of confidential information. Extranet VPNs are used between a corporation and its strategic partners, customers, and suppliers.

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