What is a circular linked list?

A list with various numbers of the node containing data and address pointer and the list start and finish at the same first node is known as a circular linked list. this list forms a circle and having a common start and endpoint.

As in the case of the linked list, we have seen that the first node is pointed by an external pointer and in the last node we have a null value in the field of the address.

We should be very careful while traversing the circular linked list as there is a chance to be stuck in an infinite loop if the end node is unable to detect. To avoid this situation we can set an external pointer at the starting node and now used as the stop point or endpoint of the list.

Circular linked list

As an alternative method, we can make a header node to our first node and can keep a special value in the info field that will not be connected with other info data in the list, or will not have any relation with another data field. And we will halt traversing circular linked list once this header node is reached.


Circular linked list in data structure is a list that forms a circle shape while traversing the data element using this list. This circular list has a common starting and ending point which is, in general, is the very first node or header node, which may also be filled with some special data to detect it as a header node where we can stop our traversing.

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