What is an MX Record? Check MX Record using PHP.

In this blog, I am going to discuss the MX(Mail Exchange) record and how this MX record is responsible in email delivery system. And how can we check the MX record for our domain? You will also learn how to write the PHP script code to check the MX record.

MX records stand for mail exchange record and also known as DNS records which are used for delivering our emails from one end to another end. Ultimately MX record is responsible for our email reception and sending.

We can’t receive emails if our MX record is not pointed in a proper place. In a simple language, MX record gives the information about mail server which will accept the incoming mail for our domain address.

And it also informs about where the email coming to our domain will be routed to. That is mean MX record tells everyone in the network that which mail server will accept the email coming to our domain and where the email coming to our domain will be routed to.

How to check MX Record for our email? How to develop the script code for checking the MX record for a particular email using PHP?

See, you can check the MX record with the below-given option or Live demo for MX record check. and you can also download the script code in PHP for the same functionality by clicking the download option below.


Example of an MX record:

MX records consist of two parts: the first one is a priority and the second one is a domain name. For example:

0 mail.MYDOMAIN.com
The ‘0’ is the priority.
The lower the number means a higher priority.
The ‘mail.MYDOMAIN.com’ is the mail server to which it connects.

This is different depending on what company is hosting your email.
Outgoing email servers connect to the MX servers in order of priority.
If you use more than one MX record and both have the same priority, it picks one at random basis.

Who control the MX records?

The MX records are controlled by the organization or company where have you purchased your domain from and nameserver are pointed in. simply it is controlled by the company where nameserver is pointed.

But for an example, if you have purchased your domain from Godaddy and it is hosted in Bluehost then you have to update your nameserver at Godaddy that you will get from Bluehost for your domain. now your nameserver will be pointed to Bluehost thus the MX record will be controlled by Bluehost company.


MX record is mail exchange record and is necessary for email delivery from sender end to the receiver end. you can have multiple MX records for one domain. but you would need to update your text record for as such setting. If your MX record is not a proper place then you will not be able to receive an email at your mail server.


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