What is Intranet and extranet in a computer network 2020?

Hello Friends, In this blog post I am going to let you know about the intranet and extranet in a computer network. These both are communicating with their different architecture and are used to establish communication between two devices.

An intranet is a private network or data communication network used by many companies to exchange information among employees and resources. Intranet normally is used for security reasons or to satisfy specific connectivity requirements.

The company intranet is generally connected to the public internet through a firewall, which converts the intranet addressing system to the public internet addressing system and provides security functionality by filtering incoming and outgoing traffic based on addressing and protocols.

An intranet is a private network(usually a LAN, but may be larger) that uses TCP/IP and other internet standard protocols. Because it uses TCP/IP, the standard internet communications protocols, an intranet can support TCP /IP based protocols, such as HTTP(the protocol that web browser used to talk to the webserver) and SMTP and POP( the protocol that email client program use to send and receive email).

In other word, an intranet can run a web server, web client, mail server, and mail client – it can work like a small, private internet. As the web has become the most talked-about internet service, an intranet is also known as the internal web, because they allow an organization to have its own private website for use only by users on the internet.

However, like the internet, most intranet also carry lots of email traffic – all those paper memos that used to float around large organizations have largely been replaced by email message.

An intranet can run on a network larger than a LAN, such as a wide area network(WANs), the networks that large organizations use to connect geographically separate locations. An intranet can be three networked computers, a LAN or two hundred computers in a building, or six large LANs interconnected as a WAN.

Extranet also comes in the category of a private network but the access may be given for some people or organizations in a very controlled environment.

You can also create an Extranet, an intranet that allows people to connect into the network over the internet. For example, if your organizations send salespeople out into the field, they could connect to the internet, and then use extranet features to connect to your organization’s intranet.

Internet is considered as a public domain where anyone can access the internet or make communication or action over the internet. An intranet is a specific protected area where a particular company or organization’s peoples can make communication over Intranet with the help of the internet.

Extranet could be considered as a private domain where some access is given to the outsiders(Vendors, salesperson). where they can use the internet as well as extranet with the use of given login credentials.

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