What is linked list in data structure? 2019

A linked list is the collection of data element or information in a linear fashion which is also known as nodes which are again linked to another node. In this logical ordering, each element is pointed by its previous element except the very first and the last node.

A linked list is the serial connecting chain of nodes, where each node contain two fields one is for data element and another is for address field which points the address of another field.

In the data field, we can have a character, integer, string or any large records. Whereas in address field we will have the address of the next node with the help of an address Pointer.

To access the whole linked list we need an external pointer which has the address for very first node of the linked list. and in the address field of the last node, we have a null value which let us know that this is the end of the list and there is no more node after this. See the image below for understanding it better.

Linked list

Advantage of linked list:

A linked list is a dynamic data structure:

As per the heading linked list is a dynamic data structure that is mean it can grow or shrink during the execution of the ram as the requirement of a program.

Efficient memory utilization:

When there is a need for memory then it is allocated to the linked list and when it is not needed then it is deallocated.

Ease in insertion and deletion operation:

Using linked list insertion and deletion operation are much easier.

Complex Application easy solution:

Much complex application is easily handled by linked lists.

The disadvantage of a linked list:

More memory space is needed when there is more number of fields.

Sometimes it is heavy and time-consuming to access the arbitrary data item in the linked list.


A linked list is a data structure in the list of a connected node in serial order. Each node has two fields. one is for data and another is for address pointer for the next node. The first node of the linked list is pointed by an external pointer. And the last node has a null value in the address field which tells us that this is the end of a linked list.

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