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Which domain is best for effective email marketing 2019?

In this blog, you will learn how a domain can affect your email campaign or email marketing, so it is very necessary to take care while choosing a domain address especially for sending your email campaign. And which domain is best for sending the email campaign and which domain we should avoid while sending the email campaign.

Generally, most of the email marketing users who run the email campaign for promoting their product or service does this mistake. When they plan to send the email campaign then they suddenly purchase a domain and one ESP plan and after setting up their account they just start sending their email campaign.

And after a few campaigns, they get the email regarding their SMTP suspension due to high spam and bounce rate. or the email regarding the domain blacklisting by several reputed blacklist company.

If you are an email marketing user then you would have seen this scenario many time that you did not send even a single email still your email address or domain is in the blacklist due to your IP address. This all because of this shared IP address.

Choose the right domain for effective email marketing

How can you check that you have a shared IP or dedicated IP address for doing email marketing?

If are a tech familiar and did all this domain purchase with your own then you can easily find out whether a domain is with shared IP or dedicated IP. You can easily check your plan. but don’t be confused with a shared hosting plan and shared domain. Shared hosting is different and shared IP domain is different. you can have a dedicated domain in a shared hosting plan.

There is one another way to check this if your IP is shared IP then on typing your IP address on the browser you can see some other website opening instead of yours sometime. Whereas if you will type your domain then you will definitely see your website on the webpage.

What you should do for removal of your domain address from the blacklist?

As this is not your fault and you did not send any spam email or bulk email, this is because of your shared IP address so this is the responsibility of your domain hosting provider to sort out all these issues for your domain and IP address. You just simply tell to your domain provider about these problems then they will automatically resolve this as they would be already aware of such problems.

You will be thinking that what is wrong with this every one purchase a domain for sending the email campaign, Yes you are right there is nothing wrong with purchasing the domain but here the point is –

Which domain an email marketing user purchasing, whether the user is purchasing a domain with shared IP or a domain with a dedicated IP address?

This is the main point and believes me that this is the most effecting point while doing the email marketing for your product or service.

What is wrong with a shared IP address along with our domain using email marketing?

If we purchase a domain with a shared IP address then this address is used by several other users over the internet and in those users, there might be some spammers who sent bulk spam email using that IP address. And this can affect the reputation of your IP that will directly affect the image of your domain as it is associated with this IP and thus it will directly affect our email marketing.

What worst can happen If I use this domain with a shared IP address using email marketing?

If you are limited to the transactional emails then there would not be any problem but if you are sending bulk email with the same domain then most of the SMTP server can blacklist your domain as your IP address is already in a blacklist. your domain could easily come in the suspicious category as your IP is sending so many spam emails however you are not actually sending any spam but some other user using this IP to send the spam email.

Your SMTP provider can suspend your SMTP account as your image has been build as a spammer and you are getting high spam and bounce emails using this domain. And then you will not able to make the account on same ESP with this domain name. That could be the worst experience that anyone can have while doing email marketing

How a domain with a dedicated IP address can resolve this problem using email marketing?

If you use a domain with dedicated IP address then you will be the boss of your domain as well as IP address, and you only be responsible for all kind of activity happening using your domain and IP address.

There is full control on your IP as well as your domain as they are interconnected with each other. now you can monitor your email activity while performing email marketing and their consequences on the reputation of your domain. it is always suggested if you are looking for the best result out of your email marketing then you must choose the dedicated domain to send your email campaign.


Domain with a dedicated IP address has an advantage while doing the email marketing with this domain. There is very less chance to get SMTP suspension as it will not receive high spam and bounce email rate. no other user can perform the spamming using your dedicated IP address as this is only your IP address and only you can command your IP address.

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