WordPress Category : How to make WordPress Category?

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In this tutorial, I am going to let you know about how to make WordPress Category in your WordPress dashboard?

What is a WordPress Category?

A WordPress category is just a name given which define the flavor of your writing or post.

For example, if you are writing the technical post then the Technical category is a best-suited name for all your technical post.

Why do we need to make a WordPress category in our WordPress? what is the benefit of all this?

This is a simple and decent method to represent all our post.

Categorization makes simple for users to search the desired content easily.

The content remains organized and it is simple to make an alteration in the category like an update and delete operation.

WordPress Category shortens your menu and makes it compact as lots of posts are covered into the different categories. And you can a menu with these categories along with their navigation.

What is the procedure to make a WordPress category ?

It is a very simple procedure to create a WordPress category,  just follow step by step procedure given below.

Login to your WordPress dashboard and then create a new post or edit an existing post.

Go to Post>>Add new post.

Just click on Add new category as shown in the below image.


Here you need to enter the name of the WordPress category you want to add, the category should be relevant to your post.

Here we make a category HTML and you can also select the parent category for this category if applicable.


Here we are adding CSS category inside its parent category Designing. See the image below.


There is another option to add a new WordPress category, update, edit category and also delete your category.

How to delete a WordPress category?

Just Go to Posts>>categories

Click on WordPress categories as shown in the below image.


Here you can add a new WordPress category.

you can edit and delete the category as shown in the below image.

Uncategorised is the default category and you can not delete default category, though you can rename it.

If you make a new default WordPress category with new name then you can delete the previous default category as you have already created a new default category so previous one is no more default and you can easily remove that.


How to make a new default WordPress category?

Go to Setting>>Writing

Here you can change your default category. See the image below.


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