wordpress widget area : How to add widget area in WordPress?

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In this blog post, I am going to let you know about the WordPress widget area.

What is WordPress widget area….?

WordPress widget area is the space available for keeping some important stuff or items like contact form, search option, news feeds.

This space could be a left sidebar, right sidebar, bottom content.

What are these items which we keep in WordPress widget area…?

These are items are nothing but a plugin which is used for performing a specific functionality.

For example, search plugin helps users for finding the content inside the website.

When you install WordPress for the first time then you get few plugins by default like calendar, recent post, RSS, Meta, Archive and etc in your WordPress widget area.

What is available and inactive widgets in WordPress widget area?

Available widgets are those widgets which are installed into your WordPress, they will always be there until you deactivate or delete the plugin.

Inactive widgets are those widgets which are not currently in use but they have all previous setting sustain, and when you will use these plugin for next time then you will not need to make setting again.

For example, I have dragged one item from the available widget and keep it in the WordPress widget area and make all necessary setting for that.

Now after few days I remove this plugin from widget area and keep it in the inactive widgets so that when I reuse it next time then I would not need to make the setting again.

How to add the custom WordPress widget area…..?

First thing is when you install any theme in your WordPress then you get a widget area of that theme which you can find out in Appearance>>widget.

But when you need to add a custom widget area then you can install a plugin for widget area as there are various plugins available for the widget area.

For example, you need to add some of your details in the widget area like name, address, phone no. then you can use the TEXT widget for the same.

What is the procedure to add WordPress widget area…?

This is a very simple process to keep the items into your widget area. You just to follow the step by step procedure given below.

Login to your WordPress account

If you have not installed the WordPress yet then please go through the below information for the same.

How to install WordPress blog or website….?

If you have not installed WordPress to your system then please go through the below extensive article.

Install WordPress on your system, step by step guide…

After installing WordPress successfully you can log in to your WordPress account with the below-given Login links.

Login link for localhost:    http://localhost/wordpress/wp-login.php

Login to the Live server:  http://yourdomain or website.com/admin

 Install the WordPress theme, free or paid as per your requirement.

If you have done installed the WordPress theme then please follow the below procedure.

How to install the theme in my WordPress?

This is a very simple process to add the theme to your website. You just need to follow the below step by step procedure.

Install WordPress theme….

Once you are done with the basic setup then you are ready to set up your widget area.

Go to Appearance>>widget and then click the widget. See the image below for the same.


When you click on the widget, you will see a screen as shown below. Here you will find mainly three things.

Available widgets, Inactive widgets, and widget area at the right most corner in the image below.

When you need to keep any plugin item into the widget area then you just drag it simply from the available items or widgets and drop it to the WordPress widget area. Once you do this your items start appearing in the widget area.


Inactive widgets are those widgets which have been removed from widget area but they still sustain the property that they had, and when anyone will again these inactive widgets then they will not need to make any setting again.


Like this drag and drop, you can keep the items into the widget area. See the image below.


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