YouTube Channel: Create Your First YouTube Channel

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In this blog post, I am going to let you know that, how to make YouTube channel?

Nowadays, when there is a rapid growth in the telecommunication along with updating technology, YouTube has turned out as a great source of income by just uploading your videos.

Even peoples are running the YouTube channel as their full-time job and earning a handsome money from the same.

So Before going to the mainstream of creating a channel, I just want to discuss some basic about YouTube channel below.

Why do we need to create YouTube channel? How can we make income from YouTube video?

YouTube channels are made for earning the money from your channel. Now, peoples have started to use this as a full-time job and earning millions and more.

Here You make a channel belonging to specific niche like you are a painter then you can make a channel where you can share your painting knowledge with
the help of YouTube channel.

You would need to monetize your YouTube channel or you would need to connect your channel with Google Adsense for earning the money.

It is very simple to monetize your YouTube channel, though I will explain this monetization in my next post. So please stay tuned for our next post.

What is the step by step procedure to create the YouTube channel?

This is a very simple process, you just need to follow the below procedure for the same.

Sign in to your Gmail Account, and then click on as shown in the below image. See the image below for the same.


though you can directly sign in to the and then sign in with your Gmail account.

If you are already registered with YouTube then it is OK, else just click on the sign in button. See the image below for the same.


Click on My channel as shown in the below image.


Here give a name to your channel which should be relevant to your upload video niche. And at last click on the create channel button. See the image below for the same.


Here Add the description for your channel that what is all about this channel, what kind of videos will be delivered from your channel. Here you can also make some basic setting for your channel.

And finally, you can upload the videos to your channel. See the image below for the same.


Congratulation! your first YouTube channel has been created.

Here you can set the logo, background picture for your channel.

Video Manager will take you to your channel dashboard, there you can see all the related stats for your channel.

You can also make some video related setting within the video manager.


In Our next post, we will let you know, how to monetize your YouTube videos with some other important facts related to uploading videos. So keep reading our blogs.

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