Difference between the bridge and layer-2 switch 2020.

Hello Friends, In this blog post we are going to discuss the difference between the bridge and layer-2 switch.


A bridge is a two-port connectivity device that connects LANs using different protocols at the data link layer.

It is not more sophisticated as layer-2 switches.

A bridge operates in both the physical and data link layer.

In bridges, we can connect only a few ports, which causes competition for traffic.

Bridges are considered intelligent devices.

Layer-2 Switch:

It is also a bridge with many ports and a design that allows better performance.

it is more sophisticated than bridges.

the layer-2 switch also performs at the physical and data link layer.

A layer-2 switch may be able to allocate a unique port to each station. This means no competing traffic.

Layer-2 switches can be considered a more intelligent device than bridges.

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