How to extract an email address from a text string inside the CSV file 2019?

In this blog post, we will let you know about How to extract an email address from a text string inside the CSV file. Many times you would have needed a tool to extract an email address from the bulk text string in your CSV file so that you can use those email addresses for other purposes or for sending the email campaign to those email addresses.

You may often get these types of email file from many sources, for example, if you are using any plugin on your website or blog for collecting the email id then you can get the email id with other additional data like date, time, place in the form of a text string for all the emails present in the excel file. To extract the email address becomes the issue here so that we can use our email addresses efficiently in other stuff|How to extract an email address from a text string inside the CSV file|

Sample CSV File

And when collect any email data in an excel file then it is also in the form bulk data grouped with all other information and mail content, So it is a tough task to extract email address from that data. And sometimes you purchase a third party email list then it can be chances that you get messy data or email with other additional information in one single column. You can see the sample CSV picture in the above image.

So if you have this type of CSV file with you then what is the solution to extract email address from CSV file?

You should not worry about this as it is very simple to extract email address from CSV file, you just need to follow a small procedure to rid out of this problem using. above given email extractor tool. As per this procedure, you must make sure your text string data in which email addresses are present should be set in the very first column of the CSV file.

Email Extractor Tool

*Note – Domain add and delete functionality is disabled in the live demo. If if you have any query related with the live demo then please contact us here.

Now you just need to upload your CSV file in the email extractor tool and then click submit and you will get your results on the screen which will show only the email addresses and you will also have an option to download the results in a CSV file with an only email address. See the image for result CSV below along with the export option. You can easily extract email address using this tool.

Result with the Export option

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