HTML ATTRIBUTES/ What is an example of an attribute in HTML?

Hello Friends, In this blog post we are going to discuss HTML attributes. HTML(hypertext markup language) attributes are the properties by virtue of which the HTML element changes its nature.

I make this simple to understand it better.

we take an example of a plain white wall that does not look impressive with its white look but when we paint the same wall with some amazing color then it starts looking attractive and we can also draw few pictures over a wall.

So, here color and pictures are the attributes of a wall that makes it beautiful and attractive.

In the same manner HTML attributes just like color, background color, style, fonts and etc make our HTML document more attractive and beautiful.

In simple language, we can say that HTML attributes do the makeup of our HTML document.

In our next tutorial, we will let you explain each attribute with an example.


We have explored What is an example of an attribute in HTML? What is the role attribute in HTML? HTML attributes vs properties. HTML stands for hypertext markup language and is very amazing to design the front end of any website. With the HTML attribute, you can get the desired functionality for your web design.

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