HTTP: HyperText Transfer Protocol / What is HTTP and why it is used?

Hello Friends, In this blog post I will let you know about the HTTP protocol which has the full name of HyperText Transfer Protocol.

Inside this blog post we will explore What Hypertext Transfer Protocol, What is HTTP and why it is used, What is the use of HTTP, How does the HTTP protocol work, and What is HTTP in simple words.

HTTP is the basic underlying application-level protocol used to facilitate the transmission of data to and from a web server. HTTP provides a simple, fast way to specify the interaction between the client and the server.

HTTP protocol actually defines how a client must ask for data from the server and how the server returns it. HTTP does not specify how the data is actually transferred, This is up to lower-level network protocols such as TCP.

HTTP is based on the client/server principle. It allows the client to establish a connection to the server and make a request. The server accepts the connection initiated by the client and sends back a response.

HTTP request identifies the resource that the client is interested in and tells the server what action to take on the resource. Most web pages are accessed with the hypertext transfer protocol, that is why web addresses typically begin with HTTP.

The HTTP:// at the beginning of a web page’s URL is so common that often goes without saying. In common usage, the HTTP:// at the beginning of the URL often is left out.

When a user selects a hypertext link, the client program on their computer uses HTTP to contact the server, identify the resource and ask the server to respond with an action.

The server accepts the request and then uses HTTP to respond or perform the action. Usually, the hypertext links will be blue in color and will be underlined. When we move the mouse pointer over a hypertext link, the pointer changes its shape to that of a hand.

In the case of text-based browsers, the hypertext links will be highlighted and we can navigate between them using the keyboard. When we select any of the hypertext links, we are identifying a particular resource and ask the server to send it back to our computer in the format that our computer can display or store.

Hypertext is the text that is specially coded using a standard system called HTML or hypertext markup language. HTML codes are used to create links. These links can be textual or graphic.

HTTP also provides access to other internet protocols among them:

FTP or file transfer protocol
SMTP or simple mail transfer protocol
NNTP or network news transfer protocol


Within this blog post, we have gone through What does Hypertext Transfer Protocol is, What is HTTP, and why it is used,
What is the use of HTTP, How does the HTTP protocol work, What is HTTP in simple words.

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