5 Best Google Chrome Extension To Record Youtube Videos Using Chrome Extension.

Hello Friends, In this blog post(Best Google Chrome Extension) I am going to let you know about the video-making tool using the Google Chrome extension.

Nowadays it has been a popular business to shoot a video and upload it on YouTube and make money from your YouTube channel. And people have accepted it as full-time work and their professional business.|Best Google Chrome Extension|

In this post, I am telling you how you can shoot a video of your computer screen over browser-based apps and your whole desktop screen.

record video using google chrome screen
Best Google Chrome Extension: Google Chrome video recording extensions

If you need to shoot a normal video then you can easily capture it with the help of a digital camera.

You can also shoot it with your mobile phone as mobile phones have been very advanced and come with advanced technology with a powerful camera device.

But when it comes to shooting your computer screen whether it is your device or your browser you can shoot it with the help of various apps which is available for Windows and MAC OS systems.

Else you can take the help of the Google Chrome extension where you can record your video with audio, video and audio and video both with some additional effects and…

… facilities to save your videos in different formats and can be imported and exported easily and you can directly share on the social media platform and your Youtube channel.

Mostly with the help of Chrome extension, you can make educational videos where you can teach people in various ways listed below.

You can record any website video to teach any procedure etc.

You can make MS Word and PowerPoint presentations for any topic make a video of it using the Google Chrome extension and share it with your Youtube channel and on your social media platform.

You can share your coding knowledge by sharing your application screen and by explaining the code for various functionality.

You can explain the procedure and functioning of any tool and software online with the help of the Google Chrome extension.

You can easily run online classes by making the video using the Chrome extension and further sharing it to your YouTube channel.

It is the fact that we can always learn more with the help of visuals.

So once we see any procedure in the video then it becomes very easy to understand it rather than the same being explained verbally.

Below, we are explaining the 5 best Google Chrome extensions that can help you capture the computer system screen with audio and video along with your picture in a corner.


Screencastify is an amazing Google Chrome extension for screen recording. When you install this screen recording extension then you will be asked to sign up with the help of your Google account,…

… and then this Screencastify Google Chrome extension will be added to your Google account, you can easily see this at the right corner of your Chrome browser.

screencastify google chrome video recording extension
Screencastify Google Chrome video recording extension

The best thing about this amazing extension is that you are not limited to recording only things over Google Chrome windows or tabs but you can also capture your desktop screen and your local drive.

You can record both audio and video with the help of this Screencastify extension of Google Chrome.

This extension comes with a free trial of 50 videos with a maximum length of 10 minutes. And if you purchase a premium plan for $24/year then you can record unlimited videos without any length limitation. This means with the purchased plan you can free record any number and length of videos.

Download Screencastify For a Free Trial


The loom is quite similar to screencasting and using Loom you can record your video along with audio within one click.

With this Loom extension, you will have additional support for apps like Google, Outlook, and Slack.

loom google chrome video recording extension
loom Google Chrome video recording extension

It is very easy to use, After installing it within your Google Chrome browser.

You can open it by clicking over it and there you will see all possible options like record audio, record video, record audio, and video both.

The best thing about this Loom extension is that there are no limitations over its use as you can record any number of…

…videos and of any length using Loom which is a very big advantage using this extension which was there in screencasting.

You will like its feature Flip camera toggle which will reverse your view in webcam mode and will remove the mirror effect.

The lacking point is that you can not use a way to highlight any point or activity or mouse movements and you can not use a pen to fetch attention to a certain point or parts with its free plan.

You can easily share the videos with the use of a password and can trim your video inside the Loom itself.

As it is completely free for normal use where you can record any number of videos of any length.

But with the free plan, you will miss some amazing features and functionality of…

… Loom like unlimited storage to store unlimited videos, analytics for your videos like count for a video view, mouse movements, and annotation tool.

You can get it all at the cost of $10/month.

Download Loom For Free


If you are an online business runner and need an enterprise solution for your business, then Hippo could be the best option for you.

Using the Hippo Google Chrome extension you can not only record your video but you can also use its amazing and advanced features that are not found elsewhere.

hippo google chrome video recording extension
Hippo Google Chrome video recording extension

Using the Hippo Google Chrome extension you can easily vary the range of video resolution for example you can make the video resolution from 360p to 1080p.

Inside the Hippo extension, you can collect potential leads using forms which is amazing.

Using the Hippo video recorder extension’s advanced features you can easily customize your video in tons of ways. You can easily change the video resolution, aspect ratio, and webcam size,…

… and you can simply show and hide markup tools like click animation, blur certain parts of your videos, and highlight with a pen. This Hippo extension is sufficient to secure to save your sensitive data like passwords.

Using the Hippo extension free trial you are allowed to record 3 videos a month with its watermark and leads collecting support.

You can purchase its basic plan at the cost of $29/month – You can remove the watermark…

… and can host 10 videos, you can post or share your videos directly on YouTube and other social media platforms.

You can easily edit videos as per your requirements.

Later you can check their further plans which also include subtitles, video SEO, user roles, and much more.

Download Hippo Video For Free


Nimbus is also a popular and amazing video recording Google Chrome extension using which you can record the videos of Chrome tabs as well as desktop.

nimbus google chrome video recording extension
Nimbus Google Chrome video recording extension

You can easily take screenshots and save them locally in various formats and can also edit them and customize the image…

…as per your requirement like you can add text, can draw pointers to fetch attention, can blur certain parts in the image, and many more.

Using Nimbus you can create your watermarks that are best for promoting your brand and customers and your clients start to build a relationship with your brand watermark in the future.

You will all this for free along with a pen tool, mouse-emphasis for editing, and support of video resolution up to 4k.

You can add and remove the menu option as it is completely customizable.

You can create shortcuts for different functions using hotkeys configuration.

Various products are also offered by Nimbuses like web clippers and note-taking apps.

All three apps share a common plan so it best chooses the offer provided by Nimbus to get the maximum values at a lower cost.

Download Nimbus For Free


The awesome screenshot is yet another powerful Google Chrome extension that is not just limited to capturing the…

…screenshot as its name but you can also record video with the help of this awesome screenshot extension.

awesome screenshot google chrome video recording extension
awesome screenshot google chrome video recording extension

Using the Awesome Screenshot Chrome extension it is very simple to capture the screens and videos. Making a picture blur or taking a selective part of the image is one of the amazing features. You will get a custom watermark, webcam support, or live annotation with its premium plan.

With its free trial, you are allowed to shoot a video of 30 seconds, whereas, at the cost of $19.99/year, you can access and enjoy the unlimited bundle.

Download And Use an Awesome Screenshot


So you have seen 5 amazing and interesting Google Chrome recording extensions which could be a great help in recording videos and screenshots too.

You can go through all one by one and decide the best one for your requirements.

In today’s time when we can generate revenue from videos by uploading them on YouTube and other social media…

…channels, this Chrome video recording extension is a real advantage for us which is very simple and cheap too.

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