Is FaceApp Safe To Use? Security Patch and Fun

Hello Friends, In this blog, I am going to discuss the FaceApp application which has been popular most within a few days. FaceApp can we see as a viral sensation overnight. FaceApp is a Russian app and thus made and launched by a Russian developer team. You can experience time travel through picture and then lots of laughter, which is good for health.

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But this FaceApp is not waving alone in the air across the world but there is an unproved rumor which is also flying with this app and that rumor is that this app is not safe and this app will steal our data and can make harm to one or many.

What does this FaceApp do with the picture?

This app is really interesting at first glance that is why it has been popular overnight. the main function of this FaceApp is to convert your picture in several dimension of time.

In a simple language, if you upload your pic then you can see how you will look when you will get older and how you looked when you were younger. So the peoples are finding it very interesting to see their picture at old age and younger age using this FaceApp. This FaceApp shows the changes into a picture looks very close to the original estimated face change or looks realistic. That is the only reason that people are bombarding their FaceApp picture over popular social media like Facebook and Instagram. See the sample picture below.

FaceApp Effects

This is the most popular segment of this FaceApp to show the face in different age segment. But there are also many other features as you can see your face beard and with sunglasses. One can see the impression, makeup, smiles, hair color, hairstyle, glasses age, beards to their picture using FaceApp.

You can also apply filter effect and can change the background of your pic. So ultimately it seems like to provide the entertainment and joy by seeing our and other picture with different-2 facial changes.

This FaceApp is providing a few free looks change and remaining are a pro that is you have to pay for using the pro version of picture change.

What is the actual rumour about FaceApp? Is it really safe to use FaceApp?

The rumour about FaceApp is that while uploading the picture they also fetch all the data and pictures of thee to their server.

Actually, the answer to this question is dependent on your logics. This Russian app is using an American server and cloud host to run their app. I actually don,t know why this question arises? this is why because this FaceApp belongs to Russia? and they will steal overall data? God knows!

This is quite funny too. Actually, people do not concern about the impact of using application. As all the application that you would download will access your data and media of your phone. majority of peoples even does not read their privacy policy. The big giant company Facebook also has been proved guilty for misusing the data.

So in today time where the ness is everything to most of the peoples the things are blowing in air as per the requirement of your business. If this FaceApp could be harmful then all other apps running over the internet also falls near to this FaceApp. Normal people are blowing with the trending news even without checking the facts.

So I would say it is completely up to you if you believe that this is also a normal application which has been launched for making business then you can easily use this app else you never download this FaceApp.

As thousands of APP are having your data that you only gave them and the fact is you can not keep your eye on one of each to validate the use and misuse of data. Though there must be some tool to verify whether while uploading the photo what data is actually uploading. So you can easily check this fact. And the remaining thing that is to take access of all data and media files then most of the app are doing the same. and there is no guarantee that they are not misusing our data.

Is FaceApp accurate enough to use?

See, this is just an App like other application and used to refine our pics even in aged format. So you can have fun with this app, there is nothing serious about this as you are not going to use this app in your professional life for doing your job. When we see our aged face then we don’t know how we would look like in the future in our old age. but when you will see your younger days pic then you will find a slight difference from your original younger days pic. So we can conclude that our old age pic also will be similar but not exact. After all, this is all for fun so take it easy and don’t try this and all when you are busy.

Is FaceApp free to use?

Yes, it is free to use, Mean to say the app is free with some free facial gesture and functions. But for some advance changes in changing the face features you need to purchase the PRO plan to see the effect on your picture. You can simply download this FaceApp from Google Play Center.


FaceApp looks very interesting and amazing app and has been using by millions of people across the world. If you are confused with its security patch then you are not forced to download this app from the play center. And if you like it and does not care about security patch then you can download this from google play and can have fun with this app. Live life without fear and breath in the fresh air, be logical, be intellectual.

We have discussed about Does FaceApp take your information? Does FaceApp steal your photos? Is there any problem with FaceApp? Is FaceApp safe to use Reddit, Is FaceApp safe to use 2020, Is FaceApp safe 2020, Is FaceApp safe Quora, Is FaceApp safe now, Is FaceApp safe to download, What is FaceApp, FaceApp privacy.

Hope! you would have enjoyed this post of new sensation FaceApp which are showing us a mirror of past and future.

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