Parents whose children are breaking the law should be punished?

Shall parents be punished if their child breaks the traffic rules on road?/Parents whose children are breaking the law should be punished?

I agree….?
I don’t agree…?

Yes, I completely agree with this that parents should be punished while their minor kids break the traffic law, if all good work credits go to their parents then all the illegal activity like breaking the vehicle law will also be awarded to their parents for their careless parenting.|Parents whose children are breaking the law should be punished|

But at the same time, I would like to say if the kids are not minor then they do not deserve this punishment rather they may be guilty of what their kid does on road.| Parents whose children are breaking the law should be punished|

But if the kid is above 18 years then he/she is applicable for punishment according to our laws. So in the case of above 18, all types of punishment or fines should be paid by the person who breaks the law.

Minors: As per section 3 Indian majority act of 1875 all the person less than 18 years of age are considered minors.

Out Indian government has made motor vehicle laws, and as per this law, no minor is allowed to drive a vehicle on the road whether it is a motorbike or car.

And all the parents should be very careful with their children’s safety and others’ safety as well and should not allow driving the vehicle to their minor kids.

It is seen that most of the parents neglect this motor vehicle law and give their consent which could be direct or indirect and allows their kids to drive the vehicle.

The parents should never think that if they are able to afford the vehicles for their kids then they have the advantage to hand over the vehicles to their kids.

It does not matter how perfect your kids are in driving the vehicles but they should also meet the law conditions for driving the vehicles.

There have been many incidents have been happening every single minute that someone is getting injured or getting an accident because of minors driving on the road.

Because of this minors driving on the road the peoples can meet an accident and sometimes they could meet to death, so for stoping such case and situation parents must be punished if their minor kids break any traffic laws.

In our country, this traffic law is being taken very lightly and is easily broken by each second by the minor kids across the country. But most of the parents are not bothered about this. They are not bothered about their kid’s safety as well as other safety.

AS per the updated motor vehicle laws now if any minor Mets any accident then it would not be sufficient to commit the offense done by a minor but additionally guardians or vehicle owners would be punished with an imprisonment of 3 years and a fine of 25000 rs.

And it should be presumed that the use of a vehicle that a minor used was done by their guardian’s consent unless it is proved otherwise.

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