5+ Best Chat WordPress Plugins(Free and Paid).

Hello Friends, in this blog post(5+ Best Chat WordPress Plugins) I am going to let you know about some interesting WordPress chatbox plugins.

In this blog post(5+ Best Chat WordPress Plugins), we are going to explore What is the best live chat plugin for WordPress? Does WordPress have live chat? How do I use the live chat in WordPress? Which is the best online chat? What is the best free online chat site? Which app is best for live chat?

It is always good to see a website having a chat box or live chatbox facilities. And this is the fact that people first go to this chatbox to help in case of any problem. And most of the time they find out the solution to their problem.|5+ Best Chat WordPress Plugins|

Most of the users hesitate to communicate over phone calls regarding any sales inquiry or any product and service support. And sometimes language also becomes a barrier most of the users find it suitable to write the English but they may have a problem speaking English over the phone.|5+ Best Chat WordPress Plugins|

And with the help of email support, people may get instant help but this support could be delayed and can lack in presenting all the facts and documents instantly.|5+ Best Chat WordPress Plugins|

And people do not find attached email support. They just send emails with the hope of solving their problems.

A live chat box is a very visual and effective means to solve the customer’s problem and to provide them with all the necessary information as per their requirement instantly.

Peoples find it closer to them and have great hope to find their solution as soon as possible. They find it a face-to-face live conversation and feel that the person is sitting next to them.

Live chat boxes could be a great tool to increase your customer engagements, sales, promotions, and most importantly believe in customers’ minds and hearts.

Peoples prefer websites most having the live chat box help option for purchasing the product or services.

So if you are running the website online and want to have a live chatbox on your website then this blog could be a great help in solving your problem.

In this blog post, we are telling you about 5+ best free and paid WordPress chatbox plugin that is simple to use and provides lots of functionality and features.

In this blog post, you will see a details description of 5+ WordPress chatbox plugins that are free and paid. We will discuss their features along with their pricing plans.

1. Flat Visual Chat – Best WordPress Chat Plugin

Provide instant chat help with this Flat visual chat WordPress chat plugin.

You can easily connect live with your customers using this Flat visual chat WordPress plugin within a minute.

You can apply lots of options like the filter options to make your chat more specific and fast using this Flat visual chat WordPress plugin.

flat visual chat - WordPress chat plugin - live chat box
flat visual chat – WordPress chat plugin – live chatbox

Pricing Plans-

This amazing Flat visual chat plugin starts with a base price of $24.


Using this Flat visual chat WordPress plugin you can easily find the IP address of the customers.

You can get various color option which is customizable.

You can get chat logs and can manage them.

This plugin supports real-time Ajax chat.

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2. Live Chat – WordPress Plugin For Live Chat

If you are looking for a simple and user-friendly WordPress chat plugin then nothing could be better than the Live chat WordPress plugin.

It is included lots of beautiful designs that can fit on any type of screen. And you can chat with all your customers with the most comfort at all times.

The best option is to send the receive quick responses from important customers and a great help in increasing sales with the help of effective communication over this Live chat platform.

It comes with an amazing and attractive chat box that can be opened with just one single click.

Using this live chat WordPress plugin get detailed reports for pages, and users, along with all your chat stats.

You can simply share your video, images, and documents with your potential customers which can make them more comfortable and can convince your product and service.

live chat wordpress chat plugin-live chatbox
live chat WordPress chat plugin-live chatbox

Pricing Plans-

Live chat WordPress plugin comes with various types of business or pricing plans as per the size of the customer’s business. For its first license, its base price starts from $4.99


High-speed conversations and quick responses over the Live chat box make it more popular amongst customers.

Customization is the best thing about this Live chatbox. You are allowed to customize this chat software as per your requirements.

You are allowed to add multiple agents as you want in your Live chatbox and make conversations with multiple customers.

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3. Support Board – WordPress Chat Plugin

Using the Support board chat box you can easily connect live with your customers with full effectiveness.

You can add multiple Dialogflow with all artificial intelligence and can reduce the workload for your chatbox agents.

Within one click you can connect the WordPress chat box with the existing WordPress users.

support board wordpress chat plugin-live chatbox
support board WordPress chat plugin-live chatbox

Pricing Plans-

This Support board chat box is available at the one-time price of $59.


This Support board chats WordPress plugin is best suitable for small and large businesses.

You can simply integrate Woocommerce with this chatbox plugin.

Easily synchronize the WordPress users.

You can get a dialog flow facility with artificial intelligence and various app integration.

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4. Formilla – Chat Plugin For WordPress

Formilla WordPress plugin is one of the best chatbox plugins. This is a popular chatbox plugin because of its lots of features and functionalities.

You can send an automatic message to your customers as a quick initial response and can manage multiple customers at the same time using this Formilla WordPress chatbox plugin.

Using this Formilla chatbox plugin you can see your website visitor’s stats and information like their country and region etc. It also provides a mobile alert facility once any visitors come to your website.

formilla wordpress chat plugin-live chatbox
Formilla WordPress chat plugin-live chatbox

Pricing Plans-

This Formilla WordPress plugin offers both free and paid plans. The base price of it,s premium plans starts from $11.99/month where you can access all its advanced features. Whereas with its free plan, you are limited to some selective and basic features.


Get quick and fast response timing during customer conversation using this Formilla chatbox plugin.

Get an amazing google integration facility and monitor the success of this chatbox.

Allowed to integrate with some amazing and useful apps like Zapier and more email marketing apps.

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5. ProProfs  – WordPress Live Chat Plugin

You can easily connect with your visitors and provide them with quick and fast responses and can make your brand valuable using this cloud-based ProProfs WordPress chatbox plugin.

Using this ProProfs chat plugin you can manage multiple customers at the same time.

You can use this plugin to support your customers using mobile apps too.

proprofs wordpress chat plugin-live chatbox
proprofs wordpress chat plugin-live chatbox

Pricing Plan:

Free and paid pricing plans are available for this Proprofs chat plugin. Have variations in the pricing list as per the size of the business. Its base price starts from $8/month and you can access all the advanced features with its advanced plan. The free plan is limited up to a certain extent.


You can get 50+ amazing integration like(CRM, Email Marketing, Knowledge Base, Survey, Social media, Help desk, and eCommerce).

You will get 100+ setting options within your account using this Proprofs WordPress chatbox plugin.

Get chat greetings, monitor visitors easily, and can create and send canned replies.

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6. Zendesk – WordPress Chat Plugin For Users

More than a chat box option Zendesk is a ticket-solving tool, where you can solve the customer’s problems by solving the ticket raised by the customers.

this Zendesk chat plugin keeps all data in one place for a user or customer interaction and provides instant support for the customers. Using Zendesk the agents can easily switch between chatbox, phone calls, emails, or social media messages which adds great flexibility in conversations with customers.

zendesk wordpress chat plugin-live chatbox
zendesk wordpress chat plugin-live chatbox

Pricing Plans-

You can get a free trial for this Zendesk chat plugin and can access its basic functionalities. Its basic premium plan starts from $15/month.


With the help of the pathfinder app, you can easily and fastly solve the customer’s problems which are included with this Zendesk chat plugin software.

This Zendesk chat plugin supports multiple languages. approx 300 products and services and brands are supported by Zendesk.

Using the Zendesk chat plugin you can send triggered messages to your customers based on their behavior.

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7. Leap Live Chat– Live Chat WordPress Plugin

Provide high-end functionality and is flexible enough. This Leap live chat WordPress plugin is best suitable for all kinds and sizes of businesses whether they are small or big.

You are allowed to any number of agents and provide the service to a wide range of customers and enhance your business.

leap live chat wordpress plugin-live chatbox
leap live chat WordPress plugin-live chatbox: 5+ Best Chat WordPress Plugins

Pricing plans-

You can get its regular license at the cost of $19/month.


This Leap live chat plugin can easily detect the user on the same page and can start communicating with him.

Automatically detect the new user coming to the website or visiting your website.

You can create a shortcode thus making the clickable link and can send it to the customer’s chatbox instantly.

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So friends, In this blog post(5+ Best Chat WordPress Plugins) we have seen 5+ best WordPress chatbox plugins. We saw the features and pricing for these amazing chatbox plugins. Chatbox help could be a great tool on our website to help our customers fastly and quickly without any delay. And this chatbox plays an important role in building the customer’s trust in our product and services.

Customers keep it the first priority to take help using this chat box software. We told you about some amazing free and paid WordPress chatbox plugins which can be a great help to our website. We have seen the description of leap live chat, Zendesk, proofs, formula, support board, live chat, flat visual chat WordPress chat plugins.|5+ Best Chat WordPress Plugins|

Using this blog post(5+ Best Chat WordPress Plugins) we have gone through What is the best live chat plugin for WordPress, Does WordPress have live chat, How do I use the live chat in WordPress, Which is the best online chat, What is the best free online chat site, Which app is best for live chat.

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