What is digital marketing?/ What are examples of digital marketing? / What is digital marketing used for? / What are the 3 types of digital media? / How can I start digital marketing?

In this blog post(How can I start digital marketing) we are going to discuss a few important questions regarding Digital marketing What are examples of digital marketing? What is digital marketing used for?…..

….What is digital marketing and how does it work? What are the 3 types of digital media? Is Digital Marketing Easy? Is Digital Marketing a good career? What skills are needed for digital marketing?…| How can I start digital marketing|

…How can I start digital marketing? Why is digital marketing so important? What are digital marketing and its advantages?|How can I start digital marketing|

Hello Friends, in this blog post(How can I start digital marketing) I am going to let you know about Digital marketing, most of you have heard about digital marketing somewhere. Digital marketing is nothing but a form of promoting the product or services digitally or with a digital medium.

So any kind of marketing which would be done with digital media help will be considered digital marketing. So now before going too deep to explore digital marketing we first see the marketing|How can I start digital marketing|

What is marketing?

Marketing is a simple process which is done to sell our product or services. When we had no digital media and use of the internet then we had to advertise our business either with print media or any kind of print stuff or with the television and radio.

However, television and radio are a small category of digital media and they are more treated as traditional and mainstream media.

But now, the time has changed dynamically. With the access use of the internet and business shifting to online marketing has acquired an important place in selling the product and services.

If anyone does not use marketing and its medium to promote their product and service then they could be a lack in increasing their sales and would be out of the competition from similar product and service-based companies.

What is digital marketing?| How can I start digital marketing?

Any kind of promotion or marketing which is done with the help of digital media is known as digital marketing. We can have a long list inside it |start digital marketing|

Like social media marketing, email marketing, affiliate marketing, search engine marketing, content marketing, SEO, paid search|How can I start digital marketing|

digital marketing architecture flowchart diagram
digital marketing architecture flowchart diagram: What is a digital marketing

In other words, we can say that digital marketing is a process to reach customers using the internet. Digital marketing is a broad area where you can reach the customer through various ways like you can connect the customer with email, by writing content on your website, Through a search engine like google, social media like Facebook, Instagram and etc.

These are the main medium or sources of digital marketing, now the point is how can we use these mediums for promoting our services and product. We will explain each medium one by one in detail.

Social Media:

I guess, everyone will be aware of the social media platform now and it’s an amazing power. Social media is really playing an important role in the field of promotion of companies’ products and services. And the main reason is the huge amount of traffic they have on their platform.

The most popular social media platform that we have today are Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, and Snapchat. So using this medium you can easily promote your business and can increase your sales.

You can promote it free yourself or you can also join their paid plan where they will promote your product or service as per your customization where you can choose the nature of traffic and location and etc. as per your requirement.

Affiliate marketing:

It is also another form of digital marketing, here we promote the product and services of other companies generally on our website, and on each sale, we get some pre-decide profit.

You must own a website which could be from any platform like blogger or WordPress to perform affiliate marketing. First, increase the traffic of your website by writing a valuable post on any specific niche.

And once you get enough traffic then you can do the affiliate marketing and can promote the product and services of other companies by joining their affiliate program.

The second way to do affiliate marketing is through social media. If you have a huge fan following or followers on social media(like Youtube, Facebook, Instagram) then also you can do affiliate marketing by promoting the company’s product and services. This can be done in any way, through text, audio, or videos.

So one is a website and another is a social media influencer are two broad categories in affiliate marketing.


SEO stands for search engine optimization, here we have links, content marketing, and technical SEO. We can do the promotion from either medium or can apply it all at once to get better results. We can put more and more backlinks and links in our blog post which is forwarded to the specific product.

We have written our content in such a way that it contains more and more low, medium, and high search keywords depending on the situation. And we can also use advanced technical SEO and can set everything like title description and keywords with the help of various plugins.

Content marketing:

Content marketing is one of the most popular ways of digital marketing as most content creators handsome money from their content.

Content could be published in any format like it could be a magazine, website, or video. And then try to generate more and more traffic to your content platform and then easily do the marketing of various products and services.

Paid searches:

These are the premium way to promote your product and services. As of now Facebook, bing, and google are promoting your product and services on some specific keywords by taking some charges for it. And they promote your product in your desired community and locations.

Search Engine Marketing:

This is the pure organic traffic that your channel can get. When users directly come to your channel or website through search engines like big, yahoo, and google then this is considered search engine marketing.

To get more and more organic traffic your content should be the best quality content full of organic keywords. If you start to receive this type of traffic then it is the best thing for your channel and website.

Email Marketing:

Email marketing is one of the best and most popular mediums to promote a product or service. It is the most profitable medium too where you can get more profit by investing less money.

There are various ESP platforms available for email marketing. With the help of email marketing, you can directly pitch your product, service, and content to the user’s inbox folder. Email marketing is one of the best ways to increase sales and revenue for your organization.

What are examples of digital marketing?

The most popular examples of digital marketing are:

Content Marketing
Email Marketing
Marketing automation
Digital advertising
Social media marketing
Search engine marketing
Search engine optimization

What is digital marketing used for?

Simply advertise the product, service, goods, and brands to the customers. As most of the users are now on digital platforms or visit it regularly like websites, search engines, social media, mobile apps and etc. So it is more profitable to promote the goods and brands over these popular digital media.

What are the 3 types of digital media?

These three main types of digital media are listed below:

Earned media: when your products or brands have an online presence or web presence by the others. Other web-users talked about your company and product and write the content for it then it is considered earned media.

Here you don’t have any investment directly. Rather it is the reaction of your good efforts and value in the market either by public reviews or comments.

Owned media: This is your own media to promote your brand by various mediums like your own website, social media account, Youtube channel and etc. Through these various digital mediums, you put the content for your products and brands.

Paid media: Here you paid the money to promote your product either on search engines or social media platforms and try to convert the users into customers. Like you can have paid advertisements on google search engines and Facebook as per customized requirements.

Is Digital Marketing Easy?

Yes, it is almost easy and most of the advertising platforms have made it easier by having a very easy GUI(graphical user interface), along with an easy account sign-up and account setting.

And one can easily build their campaign with the quick and simple configuration and setting and options selection. So if you little sound on the internet then you can run digital marketing very easily.

Is Digital Marketing a good career?

Yes, in today’s time maximum markets are shitting online or physical markets are building their online presence. So with the growing technology and scope in marketing, it is very good to have a carrier in digital marketing.

But you should always be in pace with the current market as things are changing very fast in the field of digital marketing.

What skills are needed for digital marketing?

There are some basic skills that should be known while doing the digital marketing and they are listed below:

SEO(search engine optimization)
SEM(search engine marketing)
Content marketing
Data analytics
Proper thinking and planning of design-based
technology familiar
Highlight unusual skillset
Always ready to learn new things

How can I start digital marketing?

This is very simple to do online digital marketing: For doing the same you just need to follow a procedure which is given below:

Make your online presence through either platform.
Have proper knowledge of the latest trends.
Better use of your creativity.
Create a winning resume.
Learn analytics.
Get some experience.
Accept all work coming to you in starting and try to do your best.

In short for doing digital marketing you need traffic which is the base of digital marketing. So for making traffic or audience you can build any platform like a website, youtube channel, social media, etc.

And once you succeed to get huge traffic then you can start your creative skill to pitch the product and brands to all the potential customers and visitors. And then properly analyze the analytics and take the later decision based on your prior campaign performance.

Why is digital marketing so important?

Because digital marketing is a cost-effective and time-saving process. You can reach unlimited customers within a few hours which is not possible in the case of traditional marketing. And here in digital marketing you can have a proper follow-up with your customers and can engage them for a long time and can establish a long-term loyal customer relationship.

What are digital marketing and its advantages?

If we have various advantages of digital marketing then there are some disadvantages of digital marketing too.

The advantages and disadvantages of digital marketing are given below:

Advantages of digital marketing:

Targeted audiences: With the use of digital media you can pitch a specific product to a targeted group of audiences.
Cost-effective: With less investment, you can generate high profits.
more sales: can derive more sales through various online platforms and digital media like emails, social media, etc.
increase brand loyalty: With the help of social media, you can rapidly increase your brand value.
Improved conversion rates: You can convert more and more visiting users to your potential customers as you can easily follow up with them.
Use of social currency: Your content(text, audio, video) works as currency, and on the set of social media they can easily get viral and turned into social media currency.
Openness: With the help of social media you can establish a loyal relationship with your customers and can engage them for a long time.
Global reach: Within a few minutes your content and email can reach miles away across the global boundary.
Personalization: you can send personalized content to your customer to make it more touchy and effective.
Tracking facility: you can easily track the effectiveness of your campaigns.

Disadvantages of digital marketing:

Hard to provide the skill and training to the staff: You have to earn most of the funds for the training of your staff to make them skilled in digital marketing.
Time Consuming: creating marketing content and optimizing it is very time-consuming.
High competition: There is high competition from global audiences.
Complaints and feedback: negative feedback and complaints about your brand on social media or the internet can be harmful to your brand and can directly affect your sales as they can be seen by the whole public.
Security and privacy issue: There can be some legal issues in data collection of customers and its use.

Is Email marketing the same as digital marketing?

Email marketing is also a form of digital marketing, and it is the most useful and profitable tool in digital marketing where you can earn more with very very less investment.


Digital marketing is just like usual marketing which is done through digital media. Digital media is meant with the use of the internet. So all the media which is running with the help of the internet is considered digital marketing. The main medium of digital marketing is social media, email marketing, content marketing, affiliate marketing, SEO, Search engine marketing, Paid search|How can I start digital marketing|

Within this blog post(What is digital marketing) we have gone through What are examples of digital marketing, What is digital marketing used for, What is digital marketing and how does it work, What are the 3 types of digital media, Is Digital Marketing Easy, Is Digital Marketing a good career, What skills are needed for digital marketing, How can I start digital marketing, Why is digital marketing so important, What are digital marketing and its advantages|How can I start digital marketing|

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