Hello Friends, Today I came up with HTML basics(What are the basics of HTML), which is very important to know before learning HTML in brief. Here I will let you know about the HTML tags and basic HTML page.

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You must be familiar with the HTML basics when you are going to learn any version of HTML. HTML learning is really fun and prepares you for building a fantastic webpage design.

In this blog, I am going to let you know about a few basic HTML tags though there could be a few tags that you are not familiar with, don’t worry we will explain all these tags in later blogs or chapters.


<!DOCTYPE html>

This is an HTML declaration and shows the HTML version you are using, you must write this at the top of your HTML document before all the tags.

What if you will not write this declaration in your HTML document? will this make any change to your HTML code?

Actually, this declaration tag notifies the browser which version of HTML you are using so the browser gives support to all the tags of that HTML version.

In case you miss writing this statement then it can be a case that browser will not support most of the newly updated tags.

So simply we can say this HTML basics statement or declaration affects the browser compatibility of your HTML document.



An HTML document start with <html> tag and ends with </html> tag.


All visible part of an HTML document is kept inside this body tag.


This is HTML heading tag, you can find the range of this heading tag from <h1> to <h6>, here the number shows the priority of the heading such as h1 shows that the heading is the most important heading and h6 shows that it is least important heading.


This tag is used for writing a paragraph inside the HTML document.

<a href=””>Click here</a>

This is a long tag and is used for putting the link in the HTML document. When any user clicks this link then a user will be redirected to the href address given in the link.

<img src=”sampleimage.jpg” alt=”” width=”100″ height=”100″>

This is the image tag and used for putting the image in the HTML document, you need to put the full image path in the src section of this tag.


<!DOCTYPE html>
<h1>My First Heading</h1>
<p>My first paragraph.</p>


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