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Hello Friends, This CSS tutorial(CSS tutorial for beginners) is totally focused on beginners. As it is found that there are lots of confusion in the beginner’s mind that how can I learn CSS fast? What is the CSS tutorial? Where can I learn CSS?

In this CSS tutorial for beginners, I am going to discuss CSS Style.

CSS stands for cascading style sheet|CSS tutorial for beginners|

It is a markup language that is used for designing the making our web page amazing and attractive|CSS tutorial for beginners|

CSS can change the display and presentation of your web page which also a key point for fetching the users towards your website.

CSS defines how the HTML elements should look like on your website.

If HTML is the website building material then CSS is a design engineer or interior designer which makes the website beautiful and amazing.

What are the types of CSS…..?

CSS is classified into various types explained below.

Inline CSS:

Inline CSS is written within the opening selector tag.


Internal CSS:

Internal CSS is written inside the <head> </head>. See the syntax below.


External CSS:

External CSS is can be written in any text editor or CSS file. And the link is given inside the head tag.


Multiple CSS:

This is the case of CSS overlapping. In this case, the CSS implemented( written or link) at last takes it effect. See the example below.

multiple style1

multiple style2

CSS Syntax: 


What if it is compulsory to see the effect of a CSS property which has been overlapped by another CSS property.

There is also a solution to this though it is not a best practice to use this important. So use this property where it is very urgent.

You can use [!important] to make the effect of any less priority CSS property. See the example below for the same.


How to get the CSS of any web page…..?

It is a very simple process, you just open the website or web page on the browser. Then right-click on your mouse.

After this click on the inspect option. See the below image.

Now, first, click on the pointer to which will help you to get the CSS and code for a specific place where you will point this pointer. And it’s the corresponding CSS will be displayed on the right-side panel.  See the image below.


So this was a basic introduction of CSS with some interesting and useful points.

If you want to explore more for CSS in detail then please visit the below site.

Learn CSS in detail…


In this blog post(CSS tutorial for beginners), you have learned the magic of CSS style inside your website or web page. CSS plays an important role in designing the front end of your website. You learned how to get the required CSS from the web page with the help of a few clicks and can make the appropriate changes as per your requirements.

So, in this CSS tutorial for beginners, we have covered how can I learn CSS fast? What is the CSS tutorial? Where can I learn CSS? CSS is an amazing tool to design and modify your website with some attractive effects.

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