What is Alpha and Beta testing……?2019

In this blog post, I am going talk about Software testing like Alpha and Beta testing.

You would have heard about the Alpha, Beta testing.

these are the broadly classified testing applied on any software or application.

Now we understand this relating to the real life.

Did you ever taste the food at your home before it is actually served to the guest coming to your home….How to related with alpha testing?

I guess! you would have done this.

Software testing cycle is also same as you do the food taste testing.

when any person cooks food at home and taste it first with the cooking team then this is the primary phase of testing same as software is developed by a developer or core team member and thus tested at his end, this type of testing is considered as Alpha testing.

Before serving the food to the guest we serve it to the family members who does not have idea about cooking, same as software is released to some specific no. of people or end users who don’t know about the software architecture.

This type of testing is considered as Beta testing.

what is next after this alpha and beta testing……..?

the feedbacks are taken in both the cases food and software.

If the feedbacks are fine then they are considered and noted for future making.

If there is critical problem with food or software then it is immidiately corrected with the current food and software code.

Alpha Testing:  This testing consists both internal and external test of a software.

Here testers know the architecture and design of the software.

Testers check the software as a developer and as well as end users.

Black box and white box testing both are carried out in this phase.

Several testing categories come under the Alpha testing like an end to end test, unit test, regression testing, smoke testing.

So in this Alpha testing software is tested for all the possible issue fixes and bug fixes.

Various testing is done under Alpha testing.

Unit Testing- a Unit test is taken with the test of each single unit of any software, this is the smallest test of a software application containing one or more inputs and with a single outcome.

Black Box Testing- this is also known as outer alpha testing. In this phase of testing testers does not know about the software design and architecture, testers might be inside users within the company or outside users or clients.

White Box Testing- This is known as inner alpha testing. Testers are known to the full architecture and design of the software. They might be a developer, testers as a core team member. they test the software thoroughly.

Smoke testing- a Smoke test is an early verification test.

The code is written and build for testing whether it is performing well.

If the build is fine then it is looked for further functional testing.

Regression Testing- this testing is to test the impact of updating or enhancement in the existing software built and tested before.

As per the test, the software updating should not impact the older functionality.

Beta Testing: It is also known as user acceptance testing, before the actual launch of our software we release it for the specific no of end users or clients for testing purpose in real life environment.

Beta testing typically uses blackbox testing.

This release of the software is considered as a beta version.

when end users completely test it and give their feedbacks for the software and also report the issue or bug if any.

these issue or bugs are corrected and released with the next version of software.

If feedbacks backs are critical and need to fix immediately then the software launch is delayed for some time for fixing these critical issues in the software with the current release.

So this is the all over testing was done on a software application.

Usually, all testing is done under Alpha testing, all issue and bugs are fixed during alpha testing, The issues and bugs should leave for the Beta phase otherwise it leaves a bad impact on the software.

Apart from this testing the final thing mattering for the software popularity is only the user accceptance.

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