What are the goals of software engineering?

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While developing software what and all parameters and benchmarks should be in mind and what should be the basic features or objectives of software engineering?…|What are the goals of software engineering|

… You can see the below image which can easily explain to you the goals of software engineering.|What are the goals of software engineering|


User Satisfaction:

This is the first out of all goals of software engineering and is also the most important goal as all the stuff is for a customer or user so we should be very focused on user satisfaction while developing any software.

A few programmers do this as they start developing the software immediately without understanding the actual requirement of the end-user and this results in the improper flow of software which the user did not want in actuality.

So by doing this programmer loses his energy and user faith or user satisfaction and if the programmer rebuilds it again then it is an overhead to him to build it again.

High reliability:

this is the second out of all the goals of software engineering. this one tells us that we do not have any scope to have any mistakes or bugs in our final product which is going to release at the user end.

If it has mistakes and bugs then it can affect our relationship with our customers and thus this can highly impact the selling of our software in the market and can create a high loss percentage.

As Microsoft has also some bugs in the earlier release of Windows and users were facing lots of problems. So the software is to be released only if high reliability has been achieved and there is no chance of any bugs.

Low Maintenance Cost:

This is the third one out of all the goals of software engineering. Maintenance is a process in which a small problem or bugs that have been detected while using the software at the user end are addressed and fixed easily. But it does not mean restructuring software from scratch or starting.

I mean to say if there is any problem with the software then you have to design it once again. This happens if the software has very poor quality and is made without any testing and parameters.

Delivery on time:

This is the fourth goal of software engineering. The delivery time matters while you develop software for your client or customer.

This is not possible to tell the exact time to complete the software but if the developing work is to be done in a systematic order by breaking the whole project into parts and estimating the time for each module.

By doing this analysis a proposed deadline can be given for completing a project for a client.

Low Production Cost:

As per the low production goals of software engineering software that is cost-effective gets always the attention of users.

If the software succeeds in matching the user requirement there is a big chance of sales or profit in either way.

High Performance:

Software performance is generally measured by its speed and memory consumption so we should develop it in such a way that it can be run in minimal memory space with high speed.

This optimization of the software will make it useful for users and will have a high demand in the market.

Ease of reuse:

If you are building a small unit of big software then it is very necessary to then we should try to make it in such a way that it can be reused if it is needed in building the same software or in other software too.

This will save memory, money, and effort.|What are the goals of software engineering|

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