How does SMTP work step by step?

Hi, Friends! In this tutorial(How does SMTP work step by step), I am going to teach you about SMTP.

Which stands for “Simple mail transfer protocol”, within this blog we are going to cover the overall working of SMTP.

In this blog post(How does SMTP work step by step) we are going to cover various important questions related to the SMTP server which are given below:

What does SMTP mean?
How does SMTP work step by step?
What is the role of SMTP?
Which model uses SMTP?
How do I use SMTP?
Is SMTP secure?
Can receive but not send emails?
What is the SMTP IP address?
Is SMTP still used?
What is an SMTP error?
What is SMTP access?
What are the SMTP ports?
What is an SMTP client?
What’s the difference between SMTP and IMAP?
Does Google use SMTP?
What is an SMTP server for Outlook?
Is SMTP needed for a Web server?
What is the difference between pop3 and SMTP?
How does SMTP work for example?
Why do emails fail to send?
What is an SMTP server for Gmail?
What is the meaning of SMTP?
What does SMTP stand for?
Do I need an SMTP server to send emails?
what is pop3?
what is an SMTP server for Gmail?
How does SMTP work step by step?

SMTP stands for simple mail transfer protocol|How does SMTP work step by step|

The simple definition of an SMTP server is that it is a mail server that is used to send and receive emails|How does SMTP work step by step|

SMTP: How does SMTP work step by step

Have you heard about SMTP…?/ What does SMTP mean?/ What does SMTP stand for?|How does SMTP work step by step?

If not! not to be a worry. SMTP is a mail server that is responsible for sending and receiving our emails and its full name is Simple Mail Transfer Protocol |How SMTP works step by step|

Almost all use email clients like Gmail, Yahoo, Rediff, etc for sending our emails nowadays, so these email clients use their own SMTP server for sending our emails and vice versa.

When we send an email first it goes to our SMTP or sender-SMTP and it reaches the receiver SMTP server and then reaches the receiver end.

These are professional email client which allows us to send professional emails and chat.

But if you are running a business and want to promote your product or services then this email client will not be sufficient to do the same, because they don’t allow us to send the emails in bulk.

Then what is the solution for this….?/What is SMTP and how does it work?

Email marketing is the solution for this, nowadays there are various email marketing services available that allow us to send emails in bulk.

Few email marketing clients use their SMTP to send the emails and few use third-party SMTP services like Amazon SES with their SMTP relay service, etc.

For sending a successful email campaign you need to verify your email as well as your domain address.

Once you are set with this verification your email will land in the customer inbox for sure.

There is a list below of SMTP service providers most of them provide complete email marketing solutions.


ConvertKit SMTP

MailGet Bolt SMTP


PostMark SMTP

MailJet SMTP

Sendgrid SMTP

Spark post SMTP

Gmail SMTP

Yahoo SMTP

If you are looking for a third-party SMTP then I will suggest Amazon AWS from my personal experience.

Aws is very legit, authentic, and available at a very low cost, it is paid per your use.

It only charges $1 for the 1000 emails you send.

It provides all tracking facilities like Bounce and spam.

Otherwise, you can go with the email marketing solutions listed above which provide inbuilt SMTP.

You can try this ESP, I am a fan of this ConvertKit SMTP service, you might consider it a little costly but it is a legitimate service for sure.

In our next post, we will let you know how to verify the email address and domain address successfully.

Quick Q&A: How SMTP works step by step.

Which model uses SMTP?

SMTP uses a mail processing model to send and receive emails.

Very first a mail is sent to the SMTP server by a mail client or mail agent and then the SMTP server…

…sends this email to another mail server which is a receiver mail server thus this email goes to…

…the receiver mail client and then the user can read the email through this mail agent.

Is SMTP secure?

SMTP standard sends the emails without any encryption and authentication so it is easily open and viewable between third parties or hackers.

On the client side users can get security by using secure MIME(multipurpose internet mail extensions) and Pretty good privacy((PGP).

However, user involvement is necessary for both of these schemes of security solutions.

Can receive but not send emails?

Few users face this type of problem where they can receive the email but are unable to send the emails.

The most common reason for this is that the user doesn’t set the Outgoing SMTP configuration to send the emails.

Probably the authentication required by the outgoing SMTP server is not checked.

What is the SMTP IP address?

It is simple to find out the IP address of the SMTP server as we find out for a website.

Using the Command window you can get it easily by typing a simple command like “ping” and then hitting the enter button and you will get the IP address for your SMTP server.

You can also use a few free online tools to get the IPP address for your SMTP server.

Is SMTP still used?

SMTP is mostly used for sending out emails by email clients like (Microsoft Outlook, Thunderbird, and Apple Mail).

However, the fact is that the SMTP server has been used by most email service providers to send emails or bulk emails.

Almost all the ESPs use SMTP servers to send their commercial and non-commercial emails.

Common SMTP Error Codes?

When an email sending get fails then SMTP generates an error code which may or may not specify the reason behind the email failure.

For example, if you get ‘put plainly’, it means that your email could not be delivered.

And if SMTP shows an error 550 then your message could fail for various reasons for this you need to see the remaining error logs in detail which are provided by almost all SMTP.

So the common error code informs you about the problem of email failure so that you can rectify it easily.

What is SMTP access?

SMTP access is just like permission where you are allowed to send emails from your email server.

However, your mail administrator can limit the amount of volume that you can send through your email server.

You must have a direct mail account to access the SMTP access for your mail server.

What are the SMTP ports?

The standard ports used by the SMTP servers are 25, 4658, and 587.

What is an SMTP client?

Inside the SMTP server, the SMTP client allows sending the email notification for verifying the various credentials for authentication purposes.

What’s the difference between SMTP and IMAP?

SMTP stands for simple mail transfer protocol, whereas IMAP stands for Internet message access protocol.

SMTP is responsible for sending and receiving emails within the SMTP mail servers.

Whereas IMAP is used for managing and retrieving messages from mail servers.

Does Google use SMTP?

Yes, this is a Google SMTP server and this is a public email service provider and is free to use.

Any person who has a Gmail account or Google account can access this email service for free of cost.

This Gmail SMTP server manages more authentication and TLS/SSL(depending upon your mail client) securities while sending and receiving emails.

What is the difference between pop3 and SMTP?

SMTP is working to transfer mail from the user’s computer system to the mailbox of the receiver mail server.

Then this pop3(post office protocol version 3) protocol retrieves and manages the mail from the receiver mailbox to the receiver computer system.

What is an SMTP server for Gmail?

Please visit this extensive blog post on setting up the Gmail SMTP Server…


So in this blog(How does SMTP work step by step), we have learned about the SMTP server, how the SMTP server works…? and what is SMTP used for?…. An SMTP server is responsible for sending emails from the sender end to the receiver end. We have also explained the few best SMTPs to use in the field of email marketing to send your mass emails.

Within this blog post(How does SMTP work step by step), we have also discussed Amazon SES which is considered a very authentic and effective SMTP service for sending bulk emails at a lower cost. We have also discussed the SMTP setup process for some of the frequently used SMTP like SMTP Gmail etc…

Hope you would have enjoyed this post(How does SMTP work step by step) about How SMTP works step by step. Keep reading our blogs.

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