5+ Best Backup WordPress Plugins(Free & Paid).

Hello Friends, In this blog post I am going to let you know about 5+ Best Backup WordPress Plugins (Free & Paid).

As we all know the importance of data in the current time, so this is very important to keep our data safe and secure with an excellent data backup copy.|5+ Best Backup WordPress Plugins (Free & Paid)|

This way we can retain our website or restore our website data even after our website crashes due to any cyber attack or any other reason.|5+ Best Backup WordPress Plugins (Free & Paid)|

In this blog post(5+ Best Backup WordPress Plugins), we are going to explore What is the best backup plugin for WordPress. How do I back up a WordPress plugin? How do I back up my WordPress site without plugins?……

… How do I back up my WordPress duplicator? Does Godaddy backup my WordPress site? How often should I backup my WordPress site?….|5+ Best Backup WordPress Plugins|

… How do I use the UpdraftPlus backup plugin in WordPress? How do I use the Duplicator plugin in WordPress? How do I back up and restore my WordPress site?|5+ Best Backup WordPress Plugins|

Data backup is essential stuff for any kind of data storage anywhere.|5+ Best Backup WordPress Plugins (Free & Paid)|

And here in the context of WordPress Backup WordPress plugins are important plugins to store the files and data of our WordPress websites.|5+ Best Backup WordPress Plugins|

You can get many free and paid WordPress backup plugins that are reliable and provide a secure environment for making data files backup easily without any complex process.|5+ Best Backup WordPress Plugins|

Here in this blog post, we are letting you know about 5+ best free and paid WordPress backup plugins that can efficiently your data and files.

The list of best free and paid data backup WordPress plugins is given below:

1. Super Backup & Clone – WordPress

Super Backup & Clone is considered a top-selling data backup solution in the Envato market.

It is best suitable for both single WordPress sites and multi-sites.

And you can also perform the migration operation from a single site to multi-sites and vice versa.

And using this Super backup & clone WordPress plugin you can easily import your backup into a new install.

super backup and clone wordpress backup plugin
super backup and clone WordPress backup plugin


You can have both scheduled and customized backups.

Get multiple cloud storage supports like Dropbox, Amazon S3, Google Drive, drive, etc.

You can have could connection between WordPress websites.

Get an email notification facility over any backup activity.

Get an amazing and smooth dashboard.


The super backup & clone plugin base price is $34 which includes future updates and quality checks and if…

… you need any extended support with this plugin then you have to pay an additional fee of $11.25.

Check out this extensive super backup and clone WordPress plugin

2. UpdraftPlus WordPress Backup Plugin

This Updraftplus is one of the popular data backup plugins for WordPress sites and holds a top position amongst all the data backup plugins.

Within a few clicks, you can store and back up your data files with ease.

This is very easy and quick to store data using this Updraftplus data backup plugin.

Additionally, you can also schedule your data backup for files and folders which will save you important time.

updraftplus wordpress backup plugin
updraft plus WordPress backup plugin

Benefits :

Get a complete backup log report in detail.

Get multiple remote storage options like Cloud storage, Google Drive, and Dropbox.

You can also import and restore the backup made using another backup plugin.

Get a fully secure environment for data backup with a database encryption process.

Manage multiple website backups with ease.


You can access or try this WordPress Updraft Plus plugin for free of cost, but to use some advanced and additional features you will need to upgrade to the premium plans which start from $70.

Check out this extensive Updraftplus WordPress backup plugin

3. BACKUPGUARD – Backup plugin

The backup guard is another powerful and easy-to-use WordPress data backup plugin using which you can easily make your WordPress site data backup.

This data backup plugin helps in the usage of CPU and RAM and you can also chunk up the…

… data backup process to Excel server limitations and can see the brief progress reports.

backupgaurd wordpress backup plugin
BackupGaurd WordPress backup plugin

Benefits :

You can easily reduce the consumption of CPU power by running the data backup process in background mode.

Get proper email notifications on the success or failure of the data backup process.

Easy download facility for existing data backup.

Easily upload your data on any of your cloud storage.

You are allowed to perform a full custom backup.


This Backgaurd WordPress backup plugin provides a free plan that can be used for a lifetime with the facility of backup download and restore and website backup and restore.

This free plan supports licenses for unlimited websites.

And if you want some additional and advanced features of this plugin then you can upgrade your plan as per your requirements.

It’s a base silver plan that can be accessed at the cost of $19.95 and further, you can choose a gold and platinum plan as per your desire.

Get This Plugin Backup to Guard WordPress backup plugin

4. BackUpWordPress – Human Made

Using this amazing and popular WordPress BackupWordPress plugin you can easily send your data backups to the could service.

This plugin is very popular across the world and has been used by thousands of websites.

The basic requirements for this WordPress plugin are WordPress version 3.9 and PHP version 5.3+.

backupwordpress data backup plugin
Backup WordPress data backup plugin

Benefits :

Get efficient technical support.

Works on both operating systems, Linux and Windows.

Easy schedule and manage multiple backups.

Provides support for multiple languages like Spanish, German, Chinese, and French.

Simple and easy setup for this plugin.


You can try this BackupWordPress plugin for free of cost, but if you want to access its advanced features then you will have to pay for its various plans.

It has three types of plans: Single site, multiple sites, and developer at the cost of $29, $79, and $129 respectively.

Get This Plugin BackupWordPress backup

5. BlogVault – WordPress Backup plugin

Using this Blogvault WordPress backup plugin get an excellent backup and secure environment in one place.

This could be a complete package for any user.

You can perform various operations like data restoration, data migration, and website management.

For Woo-commerce websites this plugin provides real-time validations.

blog vault data backup plugin
blog vault data backup plugin

Benefits :

Remove all kinds of malware with a real-time scan daily.

Update changes to the live website automatically.

Secure data backup with encryption.

Provides incremental backups.

Remove required functionality using malware scan.


Blogvault backup plugin provides 4 types of plans which are listed below:

Personal plan: $89/year – for 1 site.

Business: $199/year – for 5 sites.

Developer – $49/month – for 20 sites.

Agency – $99/month – for 100 sites.

Check out this extensive Blogvault WordPress backup plugin

6. Ether Backup WordPress Plugin

For managing your entire WordPress website Ether WordPress backup is the most suitable plugin with easy-to-use tools.

Data upload and data download become very quick and easy with the use of this ether WordPress backup plugin.

It is best compatible with all kinds of servers and has a very user-friendly interface which makes it very easy to use.

ether wordpress backup plugin
Ether WordPress backup plugin

Benefits :

Backups can be downloaded easily.

Facility to automatically update URL.

Migrate the website to different servers easily.

You can schedule your data backup and save time.

It is more flexible to customize data backup.


The base price for this ether backup is $23 and more get extended support you have to pay $7.13 extra.

Check out this extensive Ether WordPress data backup plugin

7. WordPress Backup & Clone Master

Manage the processes of retention, cloning, and migration efficiently and quickly in a secure environment.

This WordPress back and clone master is considered an all-in-one data backup tool that is simple to use and includes amazing features.

Using this WordPress back and clone master data backup plugin no worry about data loss as you can simply restore your data within a few clicks.

wordpress backup and clone master plugin
WordPress backup and clone master plugin: 5+ Best Backup WordPress Plugins


Connect with WordPress network easily using multisite.

Get your backup to your Dropbox automatically.

Easy to migrate your website to another hosting.

You can easily restore your backup either on your PC or FTP server.

You can easily schedule your data backup and save time.


The base price is $36 which includes future updates.

To avail of the extended support, you have to pay an extra $12.

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8. Backup WD – Backup and Restore Plugin

At the time of any cyberattack, this Backup WD data backup plugin ensures secure and safe data backups for your WordPress website quickly.

Using this backup WD data backup plugin you can easily store your data back up to your cloud storage like GDrive, Amazon S3, Dropbox, etc.

backup wd wordpress data backup plugins
backup wd WordPress data backup plugins: 5+ Best Backup WordPress Plugins


Automatically transfer your backup files to Google Drive or FTP.

Manage detailed backup logs.

You can easily exclude any file from data backup.

Supports a different file format for archiving files such as Zip, and TAR.

The facility of unlimited backup.


Backup WD is a completely free-to-use plugin forever. So use it and enjoy it.

Get This Plugin Backup WD WordPress backup plugin


As we all know the importance of data and files in any context, and it is also said that ‘content is king’. In today’s time, it is very important to have our data backups as there are various cyber-attacks active over the internet and they can damage and corrupt our data anytime. If you have data backup facilities then you can restore or retain your website at any time and from any point in time.|5+ Best Backup WordPress Plugins|

So in the blog post(5+ Best Backup WordPress Plugins) above you have learned about a few data backup WordPress plugins, they all are very similar in functionality the only difference is that some have 1-2 more and some have fewer functionalities. So it better is to use them all one by one with time and decide the most suitable for you.

Within this blog post(5+ Best Backup WordPress Plugins), we have learned about What is the best backup plugin for WordPress, How to backup a WordPress plugin, How to backup my WordPress site without plugins, How to backup my WordPress duplicator, Does Godaddy backups my WordPress site, How often should I backup my WordPress site, How do I use UpdraftPlus backup plugin in WordPress, How do I use Duplicator plugin in WordPress, How do I backup and restore my WordPress site.

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