5+ Best Booking WordPress Plugins(Free And Paid)

Hello Friends, In this blog post(5+ Best Booking WordPress Plugins) we are going to explore the WordPress booking plugins for free. WordPress appointment booking plugin? booking calendar — WordPress plugin?…

… WooCommerce booking plugin? doctor appointment plugin WordPress? service booking WordPress plugin? start booking the WordPress plugin.|5+ Best Booking WordPress Plugins|

If you are looking for an effective and amazing digital booking system for your website and business then Booking WordPress is the best solution for you.|5+ Best Booking WordPress Plugins|

With the help of these booking plugins, your customers and clients will be able to book an appointment and can check the availability directly through your website.|5+ Best Booking WordPress Plugins|

For a business like a hotel, medical clinic, or hair salon this booking WordPress plugins can play an important role in enhancing sales and visitor inquiries.|5+ Best Booking WordPress Plugins|

In this blog post(5+ Best Booking WordPress Plugins), we will let you know about some amazing WordPress booking plugins that can be a great help to you.

You can simply install them and can put them on your WordPress site which can enhance the customer and client relationship with an increase in sales.|5+ Best Booking WordPress Plugins|

The list of a few extensive WordPress booking plugins is given below.

1. Ink Appointment – WordPress Booking Plugin

Using the Ink appointment plugin your customers directly book appointments through your WordPress website using a simple interface.

This is one of the best online appointment booking systems, it is the most flexible in use and best suitable for all kinds of business niches.

This is simple to add this appointment booking system to your WordPress

site and schedule it. You just need to create the service slot with your required timing and dates.

Once you do this you will get a form with a scheduler setting.

ink appointment wordpress booking plugin
ink appointment WordPress booking plugin: 5+ Best Booking WordPress Plugins


You can easily collect payments through PayPal from your customers for your offered service using this appointment booking plugin.

Admin and client will receive automatic reminder emails regarding any booking appointment related to it.

You will get multiple currency options with this WordPress booking plugin which would be a great help to receive payment across countries.

You can simply track your customer’s booking records.

This is a spam-free booking plugin and is also compatible with all WordPress themes.

Pricing :

You can get an unlimited license at the cost of $97, it will include lifetime support, plugin documentation, and instant product access.

Get More Details Here for the Ink appointment WordPress booking plugin.

2. Booking Calendar – WordPress Online Booking Plugin

Your website visitors can easily check for the time slot available and book it as per their desired time slot and availability using this WordPress booking calendar plugin.

You are allowed to configure the setting as per your business needs and can customize the form and calendar best suitable for your website and customers.

booking calendar wordpress booking plugin
booking calendar WordPress booking plugin: 5+ Best Booking WordPress Plugins


Get multiple languages support.

Get a responsive front-end design.

Get the functionality for multi-user.

YOu can customize the form and calendar.

Get a facility of email notification.


This calendar booking plugin comes with various plans based on features.

You can access it base or lowest plan at the cost of $59.25 and further, you can check this calendar for other plans.

Get More Details Here for the Booking Calendar WordPress plugin

3. HubSpot Meetings – HubSpot Free WordPress plugin

This Hubspot meeting plugin lets you be free from all kinds of email activity that are generally required in booking an appointment.

Using this Hubspot you can simply book your appointment and check for the availability of the required…

… time slot and you get a shareable link a synchronization with Google and Outlook calendars.

And it allows you to allow a specific time slot that works for all.

Hubspot’s all-in-one CRM provides the feature of Hubspot meetings.

This meeting would be possible with sales, marketing, and other customer service platforms.

Here you can get 300+ product integrations. With this WordPress free Hubspot meeting plugin, you can easily manage…

… your contacts, you can do appointment scheduling with ease, and can perform email marketing with the Hubspot plugin.

Additionally, you will get the facility of ad management, live chat for instant support, bots, forms, analytics, and many more to WordPress.

hubspot meetings wordpress booking plugin
HubSpot meetings WordPress booking plugin: 5+ Best Booking WordPress Plugins


It is very easy for customers to see the updated details related to appointment booking for your…

… website as this Hubspot meeting is easily synced with Google or Office 365 calendar.

You can fix a meeting for a group and schedule it at a specific time slot that is suitable for all the group members and can share a link with all.

You can put a link on your website that will allow all your visitors to book a time with your team.

As soon as a user or customer books a meeting then Hubspot automatically creates records for this new user in CRM.


The main beauty of this Hubspot meeting plugin is that it is completely free to use, so use it and enjoy it forever.

Get More Details Here for Hubspot meetings WordPress booking plugin

4. Sagenda – Booking Calendar For WordPress

This Sagenda booking plugin allows your clients and customers to book an appointment with you online.

You can enjoy this Sagenda booking plugin for an unlimited number of times with unlimited bookings.

The best advantage of using Sagenda is that it does not display any ads on the screen even if it’s a free plan.

sagenda wordpress booking plugin
Sagenda WordPress booking plugin: 5+ Best Booking WordPress Plugins


You can use various payment gateways to collect your payments like PayPal with the acceptance of…

… different types of cards like Visa, master card, American Express, Discover, JCB, Diner’s Club, etc.

You can use email notifications and reminders.

SMS notification and reminder facility.

You can export data to the Excel sheet.

You can customize the color combination.

You will get amazing and instant free support.

You can easily integrate with WordPress by installing plugins and using shortcodes.


This Sangeeta booking plugin allows you to try a free trial for unlimited time and features.

You just need to pay to avail yourself of some extra features or modules like sending SMS notifications and reminders.

And if you want to receive payment from your customers online through your forms.

Get More Details Here for the Sagenda WordPress booking plugin

5. Hotel Booking Plugin by MotoPress

This WordPress booking plugin is best suitable for rental-based businesses like the business of hotels, resorts, and hostels using one single dashboard.

Using this booking plugin you will get a user-friendly interface that is easy to use, you will get an easy…

… booking system where customers can simply book an appointment for their living and staying.

hotel booking wordpress plugin
Best Booking WordPress Plugins: hotel booking WordPress plugin: 5+ Best Booking WordPress Plugins


Get easy discount offers.

Manage Taxes and fees easily.

Get the support of email notifications.

Get various booking confirmation modes.

Get both online and offline payment facilities (Paypal, 2Checkout, Braintree, Stripe).

Get booking multiple accommodations.

Get extra service.

Get custom rates and variable pricing.

Can make a real-time search using the form.

Booking rules are so flexible.


To get a single license for this hotel booking plugin you have to pay $79 and for an unlimited license, you have to pay $199.

Get More Details Here for the hotel booking plugin

6. Wp Dev Art – WordPress Booking Calendar Plugin

WP DEV art WordPress plugin is known to be its amazing flexibility and payment variations.

This plugin is compatible with all WordPress versions and is simple to use.

Using this WP DEV ART WordPress plugin you can create unlimited customizable forms and calendars with different variations.

wp dev art wordpress booking plugin
wp dev art WordPress booking plugin: 5+ Best Booking WordPress Plugins


Secure and effective payment system.

Get discount options.

Reservation can be editable.

Complete responsiveness.

Support various WordPress popular themes.


WP DEV ART plugin comes with 3 main plans which are listed below:

$80 – For personal use
$150 – For business purposes license
$200 – License for developers

Get More Details Here for the WP DEV ART WordPress booking plugin


Within this blog post(5+ Best Booking WordPress Plugins) we have learned about WordPress booking plugins free, WordPress appointment booking plugin, booking calendar — WordPress plugin, Woo-Commerce booking plugin, doctor appointment plugin WordPress, service booking WordPress plugin, and start booking WordPress plugin.

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