5+ Best Gallery WordPress Plugins(Free And Paid)

Hello Friends, In this blog post(5+ Best Gallery WordPress Plugins 2020) I am going to let you know about 5+ best gallery WordPress Plugins. It may be a need for many niches, blogs, and business runners to have a beautiful gallery with images, and the WordPress standard gallery does not provide many variations in design and customization.

In this blog post(5+ Best Gallery WordPress Plugins 2020), we are going to see What is the best photo gallery plugin for WordPress?…

… How do I add a gallery plugin to WordPress? What is the best backup plugin for WordPress? How do I allow users to download gallery images in WordPress?

So, in this case, we need some WordPress gallery plugins that can help us design a beautiful image gallery with amazing dynamic effects.

In this blog(5+ Best Gallery WordPress Plugins 2020), we will explain you’re free and paid WordPress gallery plugins.

The WordPress Gallery is an in-built feature of WordPress but the problem is that the gallery may not be suitable for all as…

… it lacks much functionality and can’t be customized as per your desire.|5+ Best Gallery WordPress Plugins 2020|

So to overcome this problem one can use various amazing WordPress gallery plugin which comes with an attractive…

… design of the gallery can be easily customizable as per your requirements.|5+ Best Gallery WordPress Plugins 2020|

Using these amazing WordPress plugins you can make a better gallery than the WordPress standard gallery.

So to solve your problem we came up with some amazing WordPress plugins to make a photo gallery with ease which includes both free and paid WordPress plugins.

We will also let you know a few important points that should be kept in mind while choosing the plugin for the WordPress gallery. and they are listed below:

Features: It should be loaded with lots of advanced features especially the features that you are looking for.

Speed: Choose a WordPress gallery plugin with fast speed so that it can load immediately within the page load, this would leave a good impact on the user experience.

Reviews & Rating: The gallery plugin that you choose should have good and satisfactory reviews and should also have a star rating of 5 or close to 5 on various platforms.

Ease of use: The use of the plugin or plugin operating procedure should be very simple and easy so that non-technical people can also use it with simplicity.

So, below in this extensive blog post, you will get a detailed discussion of all the amazing WordPress Gallery Plugins with their price and useful features.

Let’s take a look at some gallery WordPress plugins:

#1. User Gallery WordPress Plugin

Using this User Gallery plugin get full control over your content and image and organize them as per your requirement.

You can get this plugin in two versions of the language first one is English and another is Czech.

This user gallery plugin is very simple to install and set up with ease.

user gallery wordpress plugin
Best Gallery WordPress Plugins: user gallery WordPress plugin


Responsible for all mobile devices with any screen size and working perfectly.

You can easily integrate with WordPress comments.

Get a flexible and powerful admin panel.

Get lots of useful widgets.

Get multiple versions of the language.

Pricing :

The base price for this license is $25, and if you wish to extend it then you have to pay an extra charge of $9.38.

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#2. Fancy Gallery – WordPress Gallery plugin

Make a beautiful and fast gallery using Ajax used in the admin panel of the Fancy Gallery.

You are allowed to put your gallery in the page, post, and widget area.

This Fancy Gallery plugin is very user-friendly and can be used by any user regardless of their knowledge of technical stuff.

fancy gallery wordpress plugin
Fancy Gallery WordPress plugin


You can customize your gallery with ease.

You are allowed to create unlimited galleries and additionally unlimited albums.

You are allowed to upload multiple images.

No need to create your thumbnail as it automatically creates a thumbnail for you.

Get various layouts and hover effects in bulk.

Pricing :

The base price of this amazing fancy gallery plugin is $25, and if you wish to extend it then you have to pay $125.

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#3. Photo Gallery By 10Web

Using this Photo gallery WordPress plugin you can simply add a beautiful and responsive gallery and album to your post, page, and website.

Get multiple view options to arrange your gallery and album properly and amazingly which includes a slideshow, and thumbnail.

You are allowed to create an unlimited gallery and fit it with your album.

photo gallery wordpress plugin
photo gallery WordPress plugin


Create unlimited, photos, galleries, and albums.

Add mulltiple widgets.

Get advanced SEO.

Beautiful page navigation.

Powerful lightbox.


You can access this WordPress Photo Gallery plugin for $99 -photo gallery premium

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#4. Isotope Gallery – WordPress Plugin

Isotope gallery plugin is known to be a responsive gallery plugin, It is best suitable for creative design business and portfolio websites.

Using this Isotope gallery plugin you can easily create animated and attractive galleries with an advanced modern design and texture.

isotope gallery wordpress plugin
isotope gallery WordPress plugin


Create a beautiful gallery using the drag-and-drop option with ease.

Create unlimited galleries.

You can create a fully customized gallery as per your desire.

Get CSS3 animations.

Pricing :

The base price is $15, and if you want to extend your license then you have to pay $85.

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#5. NextGEN Gallery – Gallery WordPress Plugin

NextGen Gallery plugin is considered as most powerful and standard WordPress plugin.

It is a very popular and usable gallery plugin and has millions of downloads every year.

You can get a broad range variety of free and paid themes using this NextGen gallery WordPress plugin.

Using the NextGen gallery plugin you can get various extensive features and a few important ones are listed below:

Gallery Style: Slideshow and thumbnail.

Two album styles: Compact and extended.

100% control over this plugin as per your requirement.

nextgen wordpress gallery plugin
nextgen WordPress gallery plugin


Use a Twitter card.

Better protection for your images.

Hover captions.

Image commenting

Pro Lightbox

Active Installations – 1+ million – This NextGen gallery plugin is very popular and reliable for making attractive and amazing galleries. It has been used by millions of people.


This plugin is free of cost – This is the main beauty of this plugin, use it free of cost and play around making beautiful galleries.

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#6. Envira – Photo Gallery for WordPress

This Envira gallery plugin is very easy to use as you can build the gallery using a drop and drag option and make your gallery quickly without hiring any developer for it.

It is fast in processing and also SEO friendly WordPress Envira gallery plugin.

Developers are allowed to make further customization to this plugin and can also extend the existing functionality if necessary with the use of its API and documentation.

envira gallery wordpress gallery plugin
Envira Gallery WordPress gallery plugin


Easy drop and drag builder.

Get various pre-built gallery templates.

Get Albums and Tags.

Slideshow and Fullscreen.

You can integrate social media platforms.

Active Installations – 100,000+ – Thus very popular amongst the users.


This plugin is free of cost – Enjoy this plugin without investing a single penny.

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#7. LightGallery – WP Gallery Plugin

The light gallery is a very popular WordPress plugin and very simple to use comes with tons of features that…

… help you to customize the look of your gallery as per your feel and requirement of the post and page.

The use of CSS3 transitions makes Light Gallery faster in animation and other dynamic functionality.

light gallery wordpress gallery plugin
light gallery WordPress gallery plugin: 5+ Best Gallery WordPress Plugins


You can have multiple galleries on one single page.

Smart image preloading and code optimization.

Dynamic mode.

Font icon support.

Mouse drag support for desktop.

Active Installations – 500+ – Becoming popular day by day.


Download and enjoy this light gallery plugin free of cost.

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#8. WordPress Photo Gallery Plugin by Supsystic

Easily display videos, images, and content with amazing effects and a professional look using the WordPress Photogallery plugin by Supsystic for your blog and website.

Get easy image management, it allows you to mass upload and publish.

wordpress photo gallery plugin
WordPress photo gallery plugin: 5+ Best Gallery WordPress Plugins


Create a full-width gallery.

Make captions for images using an amazing feature caption builder.

Use of watermark option.

You are allowed to add links, icons, and HTML options.

It is compatible with all WordPress themes.

Active Installations – 60,000+, It is a reliable gallery plugin and getting popular with speed.


Download and use this photo gallery WordPress plugin by Supsystic for free of cost.

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So, In this blog post(5+ Best Gallery WordPress Plugins), you have learned about some amazing WordPress gallery plugins, which are a great help in keeping a beautiful gallery with some dynamic effects and customization in our blog post, page, and website. Sometimes Standard WordPress gallery plugins can not fill our design and customization requirements as per our desire, so at that time, these WordPress gallery plugins which are paid and free in both versions are a great help.

Within this blog post(5+ Best Gallery WordPress Plugins), we have explored What is the best photo gallery plugin for WordPress, How to add a gallery plugin to WordPress, What the best backup plugin for WordPress, and How to allow users to download gallery images in WordPress.

In the case of any queries, you can write to us at a5theorys@gmail.com we will get back to you ASAP.

Hope! you would have enjoyed this post about ‘5+ Best Gallery WordPress Plugins 2020 (Free And Paid)‘.

Please feel free to give your important feedback in the comment section below.|5+ Best Gallery WordPress Plugins|

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