5+ Best SEO WordPress Plugins(Free And Paid).

Hello Friends, In this blog post, I am going to let you know about ‘5+ Best SEO plugins’. SEO stands for search engine optimization,…

… and this helps all the websites to increase their visibility and page ranking in search engines like Google, Yahoo, and Bing.

A site having the best SEO can acquire the best position on Google page rank and get lots of traffic.|5+ Best SEO WordPress Plugins|

In this blog post, we are going to explore What is the best free SEO plugin for WordPress. Is WordPress SEO-friendly? Does WordPress need SEO Plugin?…|5+ Best SEO WordPress Plugins|

… How do I SEO optimize my website? Does Google favor WordPress? What platform is best for SEO? Which plugin is used for SEO?|5+ Best SEO WordPress Plugins|

WordPress SEO and all Plugins play an important role in running websites by several users.|5+ Best SEO WordPress Plugins|

It makes WordPress life very simple and the user can have box functionality within just one click.

No technical knowledge is required to work with WordPress plugins.

One can enhance website performance by using several useful and essential WordPress plugins to increase the visibility of their websites.

You can easily draw the user’s attention and can rank higher in the Google index using WordPress SEO plugins.

In this blog, we are going to explain a few very useful and popular WordPress SEO plugins that would…

… be a great help to rank your website and come to the top position in the Google search engine.

The list of important WordPress SEO plugins is given below with a detailed explanation, you can read them one by one and can select the best suitable for you.

5+ Best SEO WordPress Plugins list:

1. All-In-One SEO Pack

WordPress ‘All in one SEO‘ is one of the best and most popular SEO plugins of WordPress Which is known for its amazing functioning and simplicity in use.

This WordPress all-in-one SEO plugin is very user-friendly, you can use it without any technical stuff.

It allows you to optimize your page title, meta description, and meta tag, which further helps you in…

… ranking your page in the Google search engine and this whole process will let your website lift.

all in one seo plugin - best seo plugins
All-in-one SEO plugin – best SEO plugins


WordPress ‘All in one SEO offers three types of plans which are listed below.

Individual plan – $136/year – Access to a single site.
Business Plan – $236/year – Access to 10 sites.
Agency plan – $1118 – Access to unlimited sites.


The integration is very easy for the developers using its advanced API.

You can get support for multilanguage, it supports 57 different languages.
Attachment pages are redirected toward the main post.

You can get detailed analytics reports as it supports Google Analytics.

Support for all websites which includes woo-commerce.

You can accelerate your mobile page with the use of Google AMP.
Full compatibility with PHP7

More Info On Seo WordPress Plugin ‘All in one SEO’

2. Premium SEO Pack – WordPress Plugin

Using the WordPress Premium SEO plugin you can focus on a specific keyword, you can perform SERP tracking, easily monitor your Google analytics, and much more.

This WordPress premium SEO pack is one of the most powerful in terms of features and the most amazing plugin for speeding up and optimizing your website.

premium seo plugin - best seo plugins
premium SEO plugin – best SEO plugins


Basic plan- Regular license – $45 – Access to all advanced features and services.

Extended license – $405 – Access to some more additional and branded features.


You can simply set custom field attributes like page title, meta description, keywords for your page, posts, and categories.

You are allowed to add customized code to the header and footer sections.

It is a time-saving plugin that can optimize your pages and posts at once.

It adds the proper title attribute and alt text to the updated images.

Remove the common word from the slug area.

More Info On Seo WordPress Plugin ‘premium SEO pack’

3. Yoast WordPress SEO Plugin

If someone is looking to use a free SEO plugin with all good features then the Yoast SEO plugin is the best option for all of them.

It is easy to use and it can draw the attention of many more users.

You can simply optimize your pages and website.

Users can be brought on board using Google and Bing.

You can also get users from social media sites, thus increasing customer engagement.

You can point out the content error using this Yoast SEO plugin.

As wrong content is highlighted by the Yoast plugin

yoast wordpress seo plugin - best seo plugins
Yoast WordPress SEO plugin – best SEO plugins


$89 – Access to a single site.

$169 – Get access to 2 sites.

$253 – Access to 3 sites.

$756 – Access to 10 sites.

In all the above plans you can access all the features of this plugin.


Check the analytics for your page content and increase your user interaction.

You can target your audience by setting the focus keyword for each page.

Using Google you can see the page preview option.

You are allowed to add a different keyword to optimize your page.

You can easily avoid duplicate content.

More Info On Seo WordPress Plugin ‘Yoast WordPress SEO plugin’

4. SEO Framework

Make your site presence in search and make it easily accessible to the users using the SEO framework.

Make your site content very useful and valuable using this SEO framework plugin.

seo frame work - best seo plugins
SEO framework – best SEO plugins


Base plan – $59/year – Access to a single site.

$199/year – Access to 5 sites.

$299 – Access to 10 sites.


Experts can get a full-fledged API framework.

This WordPress plugin supports PHP 5.3 and all higher versions.

You can easily adjust SEO settings using the goal option.

This plugin supports all WordPress sites.

It also supports Woocommerce and BB press.

You can share your page on social media like Facebook, Twitter, and other social media.

Stop the canonical errors using this plugin.

Notify all the search engines of upcoming and current updates.

More Info On Seo WordPress Plugin ‘SEO framework WordPress plugin’

5. WP Meta SEO (JoomUnited)

Automate most of the SEO settings using the WordPress meta SEO plugin.

You can easily make bulk text editing and image information using this powerful plugin.

This plugin is free and using this plugin you can make suitable changes in the meta section of posts and pages.

You can resize and can add image info, and can fix some other ESO errors.

wp meta seo plugin - best seo plugins
wp meta SEO plugin – best SEO plugins


$39 – Get all features, updates, and 6-month support.

$49 – Include all features and facilities.


You can easily edit meta details in your page content by performing live SEO analysis.

Get all the stats for SEO in a user-friendly dashboard.

You can fix image errors in bulk.

You can add Google Analytics and track some useful and important information.

As per your page content, you can share it on social media platforms as well.

More Info On Seo WordPress Plugin ‘WP Meta SEO’

6. SEO Cleaner

This plugin is specially designed to clean websites. Within a few clicks, you can clean most of the…

… garbage or SEO garbage from your WordPress website using this SEO cleaner plugin.

Using this SEO cleaner plugin you can achieve a better page rank along with the removal of duplicate WordPress content.

seo cleaner plugin - best seo plugins
SEO cleaner plugin – best SEO plugins


Regular plan – $20 – Access advanced features and services.

Extended Plan – $95 full features and services access.


Get a better ranking by boosting your website.

Simply remove redundant links and scripts.

JSON API and RSS feed can be easily disabled.

Clean your website source code.

Clean the head section of your website.

The redirection process gets simplified.

More Info On Seo WordPress Plugin ‘SEO Cleaner’

7. SEO Pack WordPress Plugin Free

For building a solid base structure for your website SEO pack plugin could be the best choice for anyone.

Using this SEO pack you can simply raise your SEO values for various pages of your website.

This SEO pack plugin allows you to customize each page at the time of the post preview bar at the top or you can do it from the admin bar.

You are allowed to set different patterns for each post type.

seo pack wordpress plugin - best seo plugins
SEO pack WordPress plugin – best SEO plugins: 5+ Best SEO WordPress Plugins


  • This amazing SEO pack plugin provides a free-of-cost service and it has got more than 10,000 installations on live websites. You can also access and use it from the wordpress.org site.


Using this plugin you can be easily compatible with Woo-commerce and e-commerce plugins.

Get Noindex and Nofollow options with each post.

Work on posts, pages, custom posts, and archive pages using this plugin.

An amazing view for all your customization from your dashboard.

You can define a title, description, and multiple keywords for posts and pages using this plugin.

More Info On Seo WordPress Plugin ‘SEO pack WordPress plugin’

8. Smart SEO

Smart SEO is a top-class SEO plugin and one of the most powerful and feature-rich plugins with the…

… the help of which you can automate most of the SEO processes for your website with very little effort.

You can make your SEO score better with this plugin’s help.

Using this plugin you can also verify your page content and make it better thus it will improve the quality of your page text.

smart seo - best seo plugins
smart SEO – best SEO plugins: 5+ Best SEO WordPress Plugins


  • Enjoy the completely free service of this amazing plugin, you can simply download it from wordpress.org and can have unlimited fun and experiment with this useful plugin.


You can put multiple focus keywords easily.

From different plugins, you can import SEO settings and details.

You can define the custom titles, descriptions, and various keywords for posts and pages.

You are allowed to set custom SEO rules and settings for your website.

Track internal as well as external links on your pages.

You can check for the focus keyword to be in the very first paragraph.

More Info On Seo WordPress Plugin ‘Smart SEO’

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Final Words–

So here in this blog(5+ Best SEO WordPress Plugins), we have covered 5+ SEO WordPress Plugins, As in today’s time of competition of neck to neck, we can not limit our blogging websites to having some beautiful templates and extraordinary content. We have to make some extra effort in making the SEO for our blog. SEO can play a final and important role in lifting your website in Google and other important search engines.

Now, you can see that most of the websites do not have up-to-the-mark content, they just have average content still they are ranking up as compared to that website which has extraordinary and useful content. This is just because of the excellent execution of SEO(search engine optimization).|5+ Best SEO WordPress Plugins|

Within this blog post(5+ Best SEO WordPress Plugins) we have learned about What is the best free SEO plugin for WordPress, whether Is WordPress SEO friendly, Does WordPress needs SEO plugins, How do I SEO optimize my website. Does Google favor WordPress, What platform is best for SEO, and Which plugin is used for SEO?

In the case of any queries, you can write to us at a5theorys@gmail.com we will get back to you ASAP.|5+ Best SEO WordPress Plugins|

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