How To Install Laravel Step By Step?

Hello, Friends in this blog post(How To Install Laravel Step By Step) we are going to let you know about the installation of the Laravel framework which is known as one the best and most popular web development frameworks based on PHP.

Inside Laravel, we use composer to manage the dependencies. So you have to make sure that you have already installed a composer before installing Laravel.|How To Install Laravel Step By Step|

If you don’t have any idea about this installation then don’t worry, we will let you know the complete Laravel installation procedure step by step in this blog post ‘How To Install Laravel Step By Step’.

You just follow the complete step-by-step procedure given below:

How To Install Laravel Step By Step:

Step 1 − As we have discussed earlier that you have to install the composer first before installing Laravel, so just click the below-given link and download the composer for your system.

Step 2 − Once you are done with the composer installation then you can check for its successful installation by typing the composer command in the command prompt as shown in the following image.

Run composer
Run composer: How To Install Laravel Step By Step

Step 3 − Now you can create a new directory anywhere in your computer system where all your Laravel projects will be saved.

And then you can move to the exact path in the command window and can start the Laravel installation process. Write the below command in the command window.

composer create-project Laravel/Laravel –-prefer-dist

Now, we will focus on the installation of version 5.7. In Laravel version 5.7, you can install the complete framework by typing the following command −

composer create-project Laravel/Laravel test dev-develop

The output of the command is as shown below −

composer create project
composer create-project: How To Install Laravel Step By Step

The Laravel framework can be directly installed with develop branch which includes the latest framework.

Step 4 − Laravel will be installed in the current directory with the help of the above command. Now you can execute Laravel services by executing the following command.

php artisan serve

Step 5 − After executing the above command you can see the output below:

run php artisan
Run PHP Artisan: How To Install Laravel Step By Step

Step 6 − Now you just type the URL underlined in the above output using gray in the browser or you can copy and paste in the browser and press enter.

If you see the screen given below then your Laravel has been installed successfully.

Laravel successful installation
Laravel successful installation: How To Install Laravel Step By Step

Quick Q&A:

How to install Laravel in Windows 10 step by step?

See whatever window operating system are you using, the science to install Laravel is the same and similar in all the versions.

The procedure is quite straightforward, first, you download and install the composer, you can do this with the help of the command prompt.

And once the composer is installed then you can install Laravel in the desired directory.

After this, you can do the remaining configuration and work as per your project requirements.

Which PHP is required for Laravel 9?

A minimum PHP version of 8 is required to install Laravel 9.

Can I install Laravel without Docker?

Yes, absolutely you can do this, for installing Laravel on your computer all you need:

Composer for managing all the Laravel dependencies.

Laravel for developing your project work.

Is PHP Laravel full stack?

Yes, Laravel is a full-stack web development framework.

Laravel is a robust, reliable, and easy-to-understand framework.

Laravel works on MVC(Model-View-Controller) architecture patterns.

Does Laravel require coding?

No, not as such, Laravel is a web development framework that is a PHP-based framework.

Laravel creates all the useful tools in the PHP language.

So when a programmer uses this framework, most of the time they use pre-built tools and functionality.

A programmer has to write only a minimal amount of coding as per the project logic requirements.

Is XAMPP required for Laravel?

Yes, for installing Laravel into your system you should install XAMPP or a similar server first.

The PHP version of your Xampp software will be responsible for the Laravel version you want to install.

If you want to install an updated version of Laravel then you will have to install that XAMPP server which will have a supported PHP version for Laravel.

What do you understand by Eloquent ORM?

One of the most important features of the Laravel framework is Eloquent ORM whose full form is object-relational mapping. It is just like an advanced PHP implementation of the active record pattern.

An active record pattern is just like an architectural pattern found in the software.

ORM is used for keeping the in-memory object data in the relational database.

While enforcing constraints on the relationship between database objects, Eloquent ORM also provides internal methods.

Eloquent ORM represents database tables as classes, with their object instances tied to single table rows, while following the active record pattern.

How do I know if Laravel is installed?

This is really very simple to check whether Laravel is installed or not or which version of Laravel is installed in your system.

You just open your command prompt window, then navigate to your Laravel application directory.

Now you just type the command PHP Artisan.

Now if Laravel is installed on your computer then this command will show the version of the Laravel framework installed in your system.

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