Computer Network: Difference Between LAN, WAN MAN In Tabular Form.

Hello Friends, In this blog post(Difference Between LAN, WAN MAN In Tabular Form), I am going to let you know about the basics of computer networks and their types LAN, MAN, and WAN.

Here you will see the difference between LAN, WAN MAN  in tabular form and LAN, WAN, MAN in full form.

You can also explore LAN WAN MAN’s advantages and disadvantages.|Difference Between LAN, WAN MAN In Tabular Form|

You can better understand the scenario by seeing the LAN, MAN WAN diagram.|Difference Between LAN, WAN MAN In Tabular FormDifference Between LAN, WAN MAN In Tabular Form|

LAN stands for local area network, WAN stands for wide area network, and MAN stands for metropolitan area network|LAN, MAN WAN|

Before I explain the Computer network, I just want to let you aware of the network first.

What is the network?

A network is a medium(medium can be anything like a road or bridge) that connects two or more objects. And an object can be anything in this universe that has a physical existence.

For example, a Network of a specific group of people, a network of trails, a network of a river, a network of mobile, human networks and etc.

What is a computer network?

A network that connects two or more computers with a medium(wired or wireless) is called a computer network.

You can actually connect two computer devices either with a wire or without a wire.

If it is connected with wires then it is considered a wired computer network or if it is connected without wires just with wifi routers or modems

then it is considered a wireless computer network.

What is the different type of Computer network?

The Computer network is divided on the basis of distance and range.

The network is mainly divided into three categories. LAN, WAN, and MAN.



LAN stands for local area network, this network is built within the office or home.

LAN is designed in a small area, it is generally established in a range of 0-1 km.

Lan can be of both types of wired LAN or wireless LAN.


LAN can build with the help of switches, bridges, wires, routers, or modems.

So you would have seen in your office and college that the computer systems are usually connected with LAN cable or wifi routers.

In this cable LAN system, we can connect several computers with the ethernet cable and can transfer the data across the computers without the internet.

But when the computer or laptop is connected with the wireless(specific radio signal) or connected with some common internet access point through wifi.


MAN stands for metropolitan areas.

MAN is also called a large LAN, it is designed for a bigger area than a LAN.

It is spread over a range of 1-50km, it can cover almost a city.

To design a MAN network, the necessary equipment needed is a wire(twisted pair, optical fiber), switches, bridges, routers, and the internet.

MAN networks connect the several building and offices of the city and make them one network.


WAN stands for a wide area network, and it ranges from 1000 to 10,000km and it can cover the whole continent or planet.

WAN connects the networks of two cities, countries, continents and etc.

WAN network is designed with the help of routers only for communicating through different networks.


What is the difference between these computer networks LAN, MAN, WAN……?

You can see the requested difference in the chart given below|LAN, MAN WAN|


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So, in this blog post(Difference Between LAN, WAN MAN In Tabular Form), you got to know about the main types of networks which are the LAN-local area network, WAN-wide area network, and MAN-metropolitan area network. These are the types of networks that are used as per the area requirement. LAN is used for a small area say office building, and MAN and WAN are used for a large area.

It is easy to compare the difference between LAN, WAN, and MAN in tabular form. You have known the full form of LAN, WAN, and MAN. By seeing the differences you can easily conclude LAN, WAN, and MAN advantages, and disadvantages. You can analyze better by seeing LAN, WAN, and MAN diagrams.|Difference Between LAN, WAN MAN In Tabular Form|

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