Online Fraud: Data Entry and Part-Time Job / Do online data entry jobs pay?/ Are data entry online jobs legit?

Hello Friends, This blog is going to be very interesting for the job seeker who is searching for online work, especially in the field of data entry and suffering online fraud.

In this blog post, we are going to discuss Do online data entry jobs pay.

Are our data entry online jobs legit? How do online data entry jobs work? What are data entry and back-office work?…….

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You would have listened most of the time and from several numbers of people, approximately 99% of data entry jobs are fake or online fraud.

So finding genuine data entry work is just like finding something in a big sea.

Still, all online job seekers constantly search the data entry projects with the positive hope that they will get genuine work in the end.

This is a fact that there is majority of people online are sitting to complete a data entry project with full honesty and hard work.

Still, many scams and online frauds are happening in the name of part-time jobs and data entry work from home.

They are targeting honest hardworking and innocent job seekers using online fraud who are unaware of this kind of fraud in starting however they do not know the verification procedure before applying for any data entry job.

One interesting thing is that these online data entry fraudsters have also changed their style of work and they have been more authentic and secure and they will pretend like they are genuine.

They will have a proper website, one fake cum authentic address, multiple phone numbers, or WhatsApp numbers.

Some of them can also have positive reviews for their website which is only done by their team to make fool us.

Their number will be registered under their company name. Nowadays they will maintain all possible stuff for making online fraud as an audience has been very aware technically.

But they are not the ones who provide genuine data entry work.

The main motive of a data entry fraud company is to make a game plan where students or jobseekers will start the game and they will…

… finish it with a lot of money from a student by showing the fear of fake court cases and by calling a fake advocate.

But the truth is that a real advocate does not have time to call even in a sensitive crime, and multiple fraud cases have been in a queue for a long time these data entries…

… fraud company manages their fake advocate for the collection of money and to put pressure on innocent students or job seekers.

So many sensible cases have been happening in our country but who cares for them, these fake people or online fraud companies have…

… their preloaded team of advocates or fake advocates to threaten the victim of their game and collect possible money from them.

These online fraud companies try all possible ways to threaten the student or jobseeker by calling or by sending a message display like coming from the court.

Most of the users or customers give them money to rid of these fake court cases or fraud companies.

Now the most important question is how to identify whether any data entry or part-time job is genuine or authentic and real.

How any user can verify which online data entry job is real and which is fake or online fraud?

It is very hard to decide which part-time job is genuine or which website is giving an authentic data entry job.

You can believe some top freelancing website that works as a mediator between you and your client.

A website like a freelancer, fiver, Upwork, etc could be considered somehow authentic however there may be some bad experiences with these websites too.

But this is not a fake website, though you can have a work-related complexion with your client or payment-related problem with the client. But this website will not take our money.

We can categorize fake data entry work or part-time work in the below-given categories of online fraud:

Registration in advance:

These types of websites or companies or callers will ask you for initial registration charges which could be from 100 to 10000 and more.

And some of them their premium plans too for data entry work.

They will take the registration amount from you terminate all possible communication with you will not respond to you and will run away.

No Registration charge- Only work:

The fakest company does not take your money instead they take your time and energy to complete their task and…

… once you finish their task they mark it rejected or declare it mistaken work and pay for your work. And they take it with them.

Your work could be 100% correct but they will reject your work in a quality check and will deny making any payment for your work.

Registration is deducted from your salaries:

In this type of job, they do not request registration charges in advance whenever once you complete your work then they will deduct it from your salary.

So in this process, you start your work and during your work, they make some IP-related interrupt from the server side and block your ID or login ID and ask the charges for unblocking your ID.

And if anyhow you succeed in completing your work then they will fail your work in the quality check process and again will demand money as per their work losses. In this type of data entry work.

They make you sign a fake agreement and have some non-sense conditions.

They have mentioned some non-sense conditions in the fake agreement and once you break it you don’t have control over this as it will be a break, they design their software in such a way that you can not save yourself.

Nowadays, the Company name ‘PEPPER AND JONES‘ is making online fraud with innocent people under this category.

You can also search their complaints in the consumer complaint forum or you just type the name and you will get the description below in the results.

They give the task of form filling and then play the game of ID blocking and money demanding.

Initially, they will not let you complete your work, As they will block your login ID in the shade of IP blocking or multiple logins.

Anyhow you complete the work then they will fail you in the quality check phase and will tell you that your mistakes are too much and you are not eligible for payment.

Elegant European was its old name which has cheated many innocent students and job seekers. Now they are playing the same game with the name of ‘Pepperandjones’.

So please be aware of this company call. They generally call if you have applied through OLX however they can call you from any medium where you have applied for a data entry job.

Some important tips that can save you from these data entry online fraud:

Always go with some famous website or freelancing website which has a major information and procedure description about them on the internet.

Always research any suspicious website or company over Google or the internet if you have any doubts about that.

Always search for any complaint if it is mentioned about the company or caller over consumer complaints or the internet or any other forum.

If you are from a technical background then you can search the technical details about the website like how old it is where has it been hosted and what is the expiry date of its domain. Most fraud websites are generally registered for a short time.

Always check the internet presence of any company or website before joining its agreement.

Do not join any data entry job through OLX, until you can meet them physically for work discussion and they’re for their verification.

Do not start any job if it has come over WhatsApp or any other social media platform until it is verified fully.

If you are interested in doing the data entry job then you should try to find one in your local area where you can meet the client and get valid work.

Genuine data entry providers never ask for money in advance or the name of registration charges, so please never give a single rupee to get the data entry work or part-time work over the internet or using the phone.

A fake agreement does harm you, but you should still read the agreement carefully line by line, and make it clear to the company if you are having any doubt about it.

If you are not good at English then you can show it to your friends or whoever you want to show who is good at English and make it understandable.

What to do if you are stuck or caught in a data entry or online fraud scam:

I hope, no one messes up in this situation made by these online fraud companies or data line scammers. But if you have been a victim of this or suffering right now then I will advice

advise one thing, never give a single rupee or money to them. However, they will try to threaten you in all possible ways like calling you again and again and messaging you on the name of the court and legal processing and hearing in court.

These all will be fake, they will also make a call using some fake lawyers or advocates who will force you to either deposit money or be prepared for a court case.

Believe me, this all will be a fake process, so never have fear in your heart and brain, and never take any steps that can harm your health and mental state.

If you feel much pressure you can consult with your friends and parents and can also complain to a nearby police station cybercrime branch or cell regarding this online fraud if you have any in your city

You can lodge a complaint in an online consumer forum, and if they are making you discomfort by calling and messaging again and again then block all their contacts and medium of contact and can stop all communication from this online fraud.


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