Pepper and Jones Is a Scam or legit?

Hello Friends, In this blog post we will analyze one website ‘‘ which is responsible for providing data entry projects. We will discuss whether this is a genuine company or this is a fake company.

Pepper and Jones is a fake and is doing online fraud with the customers. At first sight, they seem to be genuine. But when you spend 1-2 days working for them then you understand their truth. They are nothing but a big online fraud.

As per my R&D and based on the consumer complaint forum I would say that ‘Pepper and Jones’ is a fake company and is a big scam that is organized cheating with innocent students and job seekers.

And pressurizing them to give money by showing the fear of court cases on breaking up the fake agreement between them.

You can generally get their call if you have applied using OLX. There could be some other medium too.

Pepper and Jones fake procedure to steal innocent money:

You will get a call and they will ask you whether you are interested in data entry work, if you would say yes, then they will ask you to reply ‘Hi’ on WhatsApp. They want you to make all the communication over WhatsApp.

Once you send ‘Hi’ to them on WhatsApp then they send you all details about the company along with a pdf prospectus.

Here they explain that you have to fill out 700 or 750 forms and you will be paid 25/form.

You have to maintain an accuracy of 90%, only 10% of mistakes are acceptable.

You should not allow making multiple logins as they want you to do the work with proper authenticity.

When you start your work then after some time they start blocking your ID, even though you have maintained all possible precautions for avoiding multiple logins.

If you are making proper login and logout then one of their members will call you and will ask you not to make logout.

When you do not log logout then again when you connect to your internet you are blocked again as your IP changes are detected.

The conclusion is that they will block your ID in between and then for unblocking your ID they will demand 8000 rupees.

And if you will refuse to give them money then after some days their team members will start calling and messaging you in the name of the advocate and court.

They will show you the fear of finding a case against you. And again I will demand you huge money from you. In actuality they all are fake and their information is not authentic as per their details.

These cases and advocates are not authentic, they all are fake people calling only for money.

What are the two main conditions in the ‘Pepper and Jones’ agreement?

If you have multiple logins then your ID will be blocked: This is the main key point for the Pepper and Jones team, actually, the first thing is the fact that no one is interested in reading the long agreement copy, but we should read it once with a focus on the main point.

So according to this condition of multiple logins, the user thinks or imagines that that condition would be for stopping the multiple logins in the different-2 system so that a user can not work parallelly.

This is the first sign that a user can understand that these Pepper and Jones people do not focus on work, they do not want their form-filling work finished at the time.

This multiple login condition is specially kept in agreement because they know that ID will be blocked, as they have full control over the system.

And if a user is doing work very wisely that the user is doing logout after work and proper login before work, then this will be a myth after 2-3 days.

One of their team members will call you and will ask you not to be logged out, and will leave you in confusion whether to log out or not after the end of the day.

Even most of the workers do not know proper English and are not technical to know IP and
multiple logins.

In India, most users use mobile wifi hotspots to run the internet on their system or laptop.

So it is obvious that IP will be changed whenever they turn on or turn off their wifi or in the case of a power cut.

So Nobody can stop this even if you work in a single system all the time.

So this is like someone asking you to swim in a swimming pool without water and keep a condition that your body should not be dry.

So this is a very illogical condition kept with the bad intention of cheating.

The second condition is out of 750 forms you have to fill 675 forms correctly to make your payment(25/form), which means at least 675 forms should be correct.

So in this situation, a user who works very hard day and night with all precautions reaches the endpoint and finishes the work of 750 forms,…

… Then the Pepper and Jones team apply the second rule and they always fail the user in the phase of quality check.

They tell you that you could not finish the work successfully so now you have to pay the charges for their work loss.

This means they have different agendas in this online fraud work. And sometimes they succeed in their motive and they steal money from innocent people.

But the truth is that they are not genuine, they do not focus on work, and they are never supposed to give you any money. They just want to take your money by showing the fear of court case articles and by making calls from fake advocates.

The Pepper and Jones company’s intention and their agreement are fake and they are never supposed to give you anything.

They just mess with people in some complex technical situation that the user does not know about.

And then they ask for money based on the agreement condition.

So this whole game of online fraud is divided into two phases by ‘Pepper and Jones:

  1. Block the ID anyhow and demand money for unblocking the ID so that the user can finish their work.
  2. Negative report for quality check for user work and demand the money for all expenses, like registration fees and another maintenance charge.

The user does not make any mistake, they block the user ID from their end, and then they show the user that this is his mistake and now he has broken the agreement, and for unblocking his ID, he needs to pay 8000 rupees, What the hell is this!

On average when a person does hard work for a whole day then they earn the utmost 500 rupees, and these pepper and Jones people are making fools by charging this huge amount for doing nothing.

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Hope! you would have enjoyed this post about ‘Pepper and Jones’ and its online data entry fraud or part-time job fraud.

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