Short notes on router and switch 2020/ What is the role of the router and switch in a computer network?

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A router is a device capable of interconnecting a variety of LANs and WANs. that is it can connect two or more networks that may or may not be similar.

A router is a combination of hardware and software. The hardware consists of a network, server and a separate computer. The software consists of the operating system and the routing protocol.

A router accepts the physical addressing to connect two or more logically separate networks. They do so by organizing the large network into logical network segments. Each subnetwork is given a logical address. This keeps the networks separate but they can access each other by exchanging data whenever necessary.

In short, souters make routing decisions based on the topology and conditions of the network. Routers provide reliability, good performance and great networking range in the network.


In a top-level classification, the network can interconnect users by either a broadcast or a switching scheme.

A switched network uses transmission line, multiplexing equipment, concentrator, and switches to interconnect users, as shown in fig1 below.


The network equipment can be connected either directly to the central switch with dedicated lines, through a shared medium concentrator, …

which allow only one station in its attached group of communicating with the switch at one time, or by a multiplexer that interleaves the signals from a number of stations onto a single line.

For transmission of a packet from a number of stations onto a single line. For transmission of a packet from a source to destination,…

the network needs to use routing tables by which the switches can determine the path between these two stations.

You can also see the difference between hub and bridge…?

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