Top 5 Best Hotel Booking Apps In India.

Are you planning to travel to the country of India? If yes then this blog post(Top 5 Best Hotel Booking Apps In India) is going to be a great help for you in choosing the right resting place or hotel for you with all possible additional services and luxuries.

In this online generation time where all the work is taking place online we can not rely on the local tour guide to find all the kinds of stuff for us like hotels and visiting places.|Top 5 Best Hotel Booking Apps In India|

In this blog post(Top 5 Best Hotel Booking Apps In India), we are going to discuss a few most famous hotel booking websites or apps in India that are most popular for hotel booking services.

These apps(Top 5 Best Hotel Booking Apps In India) can provide you a great help to book your place at your desired tourist destination with variable budget plans.

And this will let you free from all additional burdens to think about all these things while reaching the place.

And you can only focus on your traveling and enjoy the view and sight-seen of the place.|Top 5 Best Hotel Booking Apps In India|

All the arrangements can be done within a few sets of touch over your mobile phones.|Top 5 Best Hotel Booking Apps In India|

The top 5 Best Hotel booking Apps are given below:


Trivago: Top 5 Best Hotel Booking Apps In India

Trivago is a German technology company which is specialized in internet-related hotels and it also allows you to search for other necessary services and products.

This company operates in more than 195 countries.

And when this company came, comparing hotel prices was a very common idea.

And this Trivago made it with a simple and efficient procedure.

The main income source of income of Trivago is through advertising…

…partnerships primarily from the CPC business model being a hotel comparison site.

Along with this other booking platforms and other providers list rates and…

…advertisers on the Trivago website, and pay for Trivago user clicks.

Trivago provides both paid and free versions of its products…

…which allows you to manage advertiser properties over Trivago.

Trivago is one of the best platforms for searching for hotel booking and has around 250 booking sites worldwide.

Approx 1.4 billion users visit the Trivago sites per year.

One of its big advantages is that it receives reviews from other hotel booking sites like, etc.

Using Trivago you can simply select your destination and then compare the hotels and can book your room within a few clicks.


Goibibo: Top 5 Best Hotel Booking Apps In India

If you are looking to book your flights along with associated cabs then Goibibo could be the best option for you.

Goibibo is known for providing services and you also would have seen the advertisement of this site over…

…the internet and TV most of the time as it is one of the most popular websites for booking purposes.

This takes care of all of your travel stress and allows you to book possibly all the traveling stuff using a few single clicks.

Goibibo works on business to customer model and if you have heard about online bus ticketing…

…platform Redbus which is the most popular bus booking service, is also owned by this Goibibo group.

The most important advantage of this site is that it keeps on providing discount offers and hotel price sales over a regular interval of time.

So if you book the stuff at the right time then you can save lots of your money and can spend it during your trip.


Ixigo: Top 5 Best Hotel Booking Apps In India

A travel story is soul food for travelers, and they are everyone’s favorite because they transport us to our fantasy world. Ixigo is an Indian-based hotel booking app.

exclusive: ixigo set to raise rs 35 cr from Amar Ujala

In February 2021, ixigo paid cash and stock for the train discovery and ticketing platform Confirmtkt.

In August 2021, ixigo paid cash and stock to acquire the bus ticket booking and fleet management portal AbhiBus.

It provides you with exquisite options for staying in India’s most popular destinations.

You can also look for bus, flight, and train tickets to avoid any last-minute problems with your trip.

Make My Trip:

MakeMyTrip: Top 5 Best Hotel Booking Apps In India

Nothing can be more reassuring than having your trip planned by professionals.

Make way for MakeMyTrip, which is more than just a hotel booking app.

It also offers world-class benefits and exceptional deals.

You will experience the bliss of having a planned, personalized journey as their customer.

MakeMyTrip is a 2000-founded Indian online travel company.

The name ‘Makemytrip’ is the most common name that would surely…

… be heard by all the travelers who travel most often, especially in India.

This is the most reliable and reassuring booking website in India and also in the world up to a certain extent.

This company or website is not just a hotel booking site rather it is the most…

…a popular way to manage all the stuff of your journey which is been managed by professionals.

You can get world-class benefits and the best deals for your every trip using this website.

This is an Indian company founded in the year 2000 and has been the most popular traveling website.

It is not just a travel website, rather it takes care of your whole journey fully.

The company, headquartered in Gurugram, Haryana, offers online travel services…

…such as airline tickets, domestic and international vacation packages, hotel reservations, and rail and bus tickets.

On its website, MakeMyTrip provides flight tickets to many destinations, villas and apartments, rail and bus tickets, cab services, and hotel booking services.

MakeMyTrip launched mobile travel apps for Windows Phone, iPhone, Android, and Blackberry devices in 2012.

The significant numbers are encouraging, as one in every six Indian travelers uses MakeMyTrip to plan their vacation tour.

Package deals are quite appealing because they prepare your entire itinerary,…

…including food, sightseeing, and travel, saving you time from worrying about minor details.


Cleartrip: Top 5 Best Hotel Booking Apps In India

This site or app is also one of the most popular sites for booking places worldwide.

And this website lists the hotels based on your preferences with over 4 lakh curated options available.

It also provides you various filters for seeing the result as per your desired choice which suits you best.

For example, if you have a limited budget for your trip then you can filter out all the possible options as per your budget.

You can also filter your place based on the personal experience of others as you can filter by selecting the rating and filtering it.

You can also filter the place based on the scenic view and a couple of friendly places.

The offices of this company are in India, UAE, Saudi Arabia, and Egypt. This is an Indian (Mumbai) based global online travel company.

This company also runs an aggregator website where users can book their flights,…

…train tickets, hotel reservations, and several activities in India and the Middle East.

The clear trip launches a transformative solution ‘clear trip for work’

In 2012 an IOS app was launched by Cleartrip which has a split-screen feature and round-trip search results.

It also included a geo-location feature that allowed users to select an airport for departure from their current location.

In January 2013 this company added air, rail, and bus tickets to Apple’s passbook.

And also launched Tuxedo in the same year, which is known as a massive UI redesign project…

…where every field on the website can be considered in terms of placement, display, and action.

Using this website one can get a detailed description of the visiting place by getting its photos, ratings, and amenities.|Top 5 Best Hotel Booking Apps In India|

Quick Q&A:

Which is the best app for booking a hotel?

Though the ranks keep on changing from time to time, now Goibibo…

…is the most popular site or platform to book hotels for both Android and iOS users.

Users can easily book hotels, motels, and travel packages all across the world using this app.

Which is the best hotel reservation site in India?

Fie sites have been listed above in this blog and the rest you can find below:


Which is the number 1 hotel booking app in India?

However, this is been updated from time to time, and now Trivago is the most popular app for booking a hotel in India.

It is very simple and efficient to use. This company is operating in more than 190+ countries all over the world.

Why is Agoda so cheap?

This could be considered at first glance as its front display does not show the price with all taxes and fees.

They might not be disclosing all the charges until you reach the final booking.

So this could be just your appearance for the first time.

What app makes hotels cheaper?

This depends on the mutual contract between the hotel company and the app-running company.

Usually, all hotel companies have their app too, but still, they build some business promotion deals with the…

…most popular apps or website owners whose customer or user base is high. See the list of a few apps below:


Which app is similar to Goibibo?

You can see the list of a few very close competitors of Goibibo below:

clear trip

Which software is used in 5-star hotels?

Here the mean of software means hotel management software. See the list below:

eZee Absolute
Little Hotelier

What is the biggest hotel booking agency? has become the most-rated booking agency for hotel booking across the world.

It also provides the facility to book other rental properties and deals such as cars and tour packages.

Which is the cheapest flight and hotel booking app?

This becomes a great help to the users if they could get a chance to book their hotels along with their flights.

See the list of a few best sites below for the same:


Can I trust booking on Agoda?

Yes, you can trust it as millions of customers are using this online booking platform across the world.

Exceptional cases and stories can be found with any reputed website or company.

But it does not mean we stop using it for once.

So like other booking websites, it is also a popular and legitimate website for booking your travel.

Which is the No. 1 rich hotel in India?

Hotel Taj Mahal Palace is considered the best hotel in India, it is situated in the financial capital of India that is Mumbai.

It is known as the Taj Hotel of Mumbai.

Which is India’s largest travel booking platform?

Nowadays many booking platforms are working together and all have a huge…

…base of customers depending upon the offer and discounts provided by them.

But MayMy Trip covers approx 60% market share and is standing very steady among all the competitors.

But it is getting high competition from international OTA like,…

…Expedia, Agoda, Airbnb, and domestic OTA like Cleartrip, Yatra, and

Which hotel is 7-star?

Officially there is nothing like a 7-star rating for the hotel.

However, it just got in the air through a verbal story of a journalist who attended the Burj AI Arab Dubai.

And he had thought that a 5-star rating for this would not be justice for this.

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